5 reasons why you should use sex toys

If you are considering including sex toys in your intimacy for the first time, you may have a lot of questions about their usefulness, their way of use, their advantages or disadvantages in the relationship with your partner and even during masturbation.

Today we come to tell you why we believe it is important to add that quota of eroticism, fun and imagination in your sexual relations.

But what do we mean by sex toys?

When we hear the phrase: “sex toy”, the most common thing is that the first thing that comes to mind is dildos, also called “dildos” by their English name.

However, the universe of erotic toys is immense and is growing every day, so, without a doubt, we can find the toy that best suits our fantasies and needs.

The reality is that almost any object that gives us pleasure can be considered a sex toy. Even flavored gels, perfumes, lubricants and any other type of cosmetics can delight our senses and our body reaches unimaginable levels of excitement.

Why should we use sex toys?

The answer to this question should be: and why not?
The truth is that erotic toys have traditionally been seen as accessories used by couples who are not entirely satisfied with their sexual relations.

This is a look that society has done for decades, do you think it’s real? From now on we tell you that in general it is not. The people who are most satisfied with their sexual lives are the first to look for erotic gadgets that complement it and give them that touch of magic and excitement that further increases the shared pleasure.

Constantly trying new things helps us maintain healthy and satisfying sexual health. But let’s see more clearly the reasons why we, as tantric sex professionals, consider the use of sex toys to be so important.

5 reasons why you should use sex toys


1. They bring diversity to your relationship.

No matter how attractive and satisfying the relationship with our partner is at first usual, the truth is that over time the flame of passion goes out. Either
custom, lack of incentives or routine. This is absolutely normal.
Sex toys will make a difference and transform an overwhelmed sexuality into one

relationship that will lead you to reach orgasms with unimaginable sensations.

2. They help normalize talk about sex.

Erotic toys make you more aware of your erogenous zones and facilitate communication with your partner.

From the moment they both have to choose the most appropriate toy together, an erotic chat begins to arise spontaneously in which one has to tell the other what they like best in bed and why. That conversation will build confidence
between the two and will naturally establish a much more intimate and intense connection.

3. They combat sexual dysfunctions

Did you know that many of the sex toys were designed to combat erection problems or vaginal dryness?
And it is that they are the ideal complement to solve the frustration or anxiety that, for various reasons, can affect our sexual relations.

For example, some dildos help supplement the size of a small penis or combat erectile dysfunction.

4. They considerably increase excitation

As experts in tantric sex, we are aware that the stress of everyday life greatly complicates the desire to have sexual relations.

Sex toys can not only be extremely useful in fueling desire but can also become a natural cure for stress and anxiety. And not only when we are in a couple, it also helps a much more pleasant masturbation.

5. They help rediscovery of one’s own sexuality

From our tantric massage center we promote the self-discovery of being, through sexuality.

And in this sense, erotic toys are of great help to us to get both men and women to relax and increase their interest and satisfaction. Very especially, anal plugs serve to make the first approach with anal sex much more pleasant and also much safer.
Gone are the times when people used household objects to give themselves pleasure in privacy; objects that due to lack of control were dangerous and unsafe.

In short, do not stop trying a sex toy even once in your life. We are sure that you will thank us again for this advice.

Enjoy sex because life is very short!

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