Prostate massage and erotic toys

Prostate massage and erotic toys

When we think of erotic toys, the first thing that comes to mind is a dildo. Truth?

The dildo, dildo, or “perk” is that popular rubber or silicone object shaped like an erect penis, generally used to obtain sexual pleasure by inserting it into the vagina or anus.

The truth is that until not long ago, sex toys used to be associated more with women than with men. And in fact, the sex toy that was most related to men were silicone capsules or canned vaginas (fleshlight). But times change and currently the toy that has become more fashionable for them is the prostate stimulator, an object intended for male masturbation.

There are more and more men who, driven by curiosity, decide to experiment with anal stimulation. It is that sexual pleasure is no longer only sought in the penis or in the vagina. Men are beginning to find it in their anal area, the temple of the male G-spot.

What are the sex toys most sought after by men?

Today’s erotic toys for men consist of sophisticated devices that, due to their design and texture, provide practically the same satisfaction as a real intimate relationship.

There is great diversity in male toys. You can find from inflatable dolls of different shapes and sizes to erotic covers that are placed on the penis, offering greater length and thickness so that penetration is more pleasant for both her and him.

But the ones that are really all the rage are toys intended for anal stimulation. In this line we can find the Thai balls and the different anal plugs that adapt to the male anatomy without having to hold them with the hands. This type of toy directly stimulates the prostate and the perineum area at the same time.

Toys for male anal stimulation are very versatile, with increasingly innovative designs and this is where their success lies. Some are more flexible or more rigid, some include a motor that produces vibrations and others add intensifying pieces to stimulate the perineal area and provide a temperature contrast that considerably increases the sensations experienced.

In addition to providing sexual pleasure, sex toys can be used to rediscover one’s body, find new erogenous zones, and enjoy intense ejaculations without the need for an erection. They are even often sought to tone the pelvic floor.

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Prostate massage and anal stimulation toys

If you are determined to live your sexuality to the full, if you are passionate about new experiences and are not afraid to investigate your own body to find new forms of pleasure, prostate massage with erotic toys is designed for you.

It is a massage through which the hands of the masseuse or masseur of your choice will reach your G-spot through the prostate. But not only do your hands work, complementing this exciting massage with toys designed for anal stimulation can provide you with unimaginable pleasure.

The prostate massage performed by a professional tantric masseuse will take you towards self-knowledge through incredibly intense sensations. With perfectly lubricated hands she will go through your entire body, stopping to gently and slowly massage your back and thighs. Little by little, she will enter the inside of them until reaching your anal area.

At this moment she will insert a finger into your entrance to massage the prostate area and, when you are completely relaxed, she will start the way to your G-spot using an erotic toy. At the same time that the movement of the toy stimulates your anal area, her other hand will continue to massage your penis and genital area until you reach the most impressive orgasm you have ever had.

In short, including toys in your sex life or not is part of your privacy and is, of course, a very personal option. But the truth is that more and more men of any gender identity dare to expand the potential of their pleasure with these exciting erotic objects.

Have you ever tried an erotic toy to stimulate your anal area? Share your experience in the comments!

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