Sexting: what you should and what you should never do

Sexting: what you should and what you should never do

Having risque conversations on Telegram, Messenger or WhatsApp is an increasingly common practice among young people and the not so young. And it is that to practice sexting there is no age.

Thanks to this new way of relating, which is becoming more and more widespread, neither distances nor occupations are an excuse to stop enjoying sex with your partner or with whoever you feel like.

However, not everything is honey on flakes. There are certain unpleasant aspects that are very important to take into account before throwing yourself into the arms of erotic sexting.

Today we will tell you what are the precautions you should take so as not to find yourself at the end of the road with unpleasant surprises and to be able to enjoy long-distance text conversations to the fullest.

What is sexting?

New technologies gave way to innumerable advances and also to a thousand and one ways of sharpening the ingenuity of multitudes of people who have turned instant messaging tools into a form of sexual venting.

The truth is that these practices that consist of having sex at a distance through text messages, voice and photographs are not as new as you might think. More than two decades ago they already existed and, what is now known as sexting (a combination of the words sex and text), was called cybersex.

However, if you want to get started in the world of sexting, you have to know that there is a fine line that you never have to cross. It is the line that divides the erotic from the vulgar.

Knowing what to do and what not to do at all times will help you enjoy this wonderful practice without running the risk of hitting your head against ice walls.


7 Essential tips for practicing sexting


1. Launch from safe bases

This is the golden rule! Never launch phrases that are too risque without having tested the terrain very well beforehand. The delicacy in words has to be the essential component to get closer to someone and once you have received the desired response, then you can gradually increase in intensity.

Hints should be clear, but not rude. Throw a phrase like “today I woke up thinking of you” and wait for the answer. Has it given you footing? Perfect, go slowly forward. Has he answered you with a simple “hahaha” or has he directly left you in sight? Give up, this is not the right time.

2. Never insinuate yourself in the first conversation

There is nothing more unpleasant than feeling that someone is only looking for you to have sex. Lack of sensitivity is detestable to both men and women. Even if it’s your partner, never forget to touch!

And let’s not talk about sending an erotic or pornographic photo without having the prior consent of the other person. Except for rare, very rare exceptions, to act in this way is to destroy forever any possibility of rapprochement.

3. Think of the other person

Once the sexting has started, try to be as descriptive as possible and warm up the atmosphere little by little.

Make use of spontaneity and gradually express the sexual practices that most excite you. Tell him how you feel at all times and do not forget to put yourself in the place of what your partner may want.

In agreement go creating a fantasy environment that turns you both on. 

4. Avoid sexting after drinking

Sending meaningless or misspelled messages can get the other person off the hook.

If you’ve been drinking and feel like having a racy conversation, you have two options: get away from your phone and go to bed, or subtly probe the waters.

Depending on his answer, you will know if you can jump or not and if he will be able to understand that you have drunk and let your possible mistakes go by.

5. Appeal to the imagination

If you don’t like sending photos of your naked body, you can use more subtle images. For example you can photograph your mouth (if you dare) or your feet, part of your legs, an erotic toy or even send photos of your lingerie.

Usually, letting the imagination do its work is much more effective in warming up the atmosphere than sending explicit nude photos.

Important: if you decide to send a photo that borders on pornographic, both to a stranger and to your partner, never reveal details that can identify you. Avoid showing your whole face or parts of the room you are in. You never know if in the future that photo could be used with malicious intentions.

6. Definitely forget about emoticons

This is one of the best advice we can give you. There are few things that cool a sexting more than a misplaced emoticon in the middle of an erotic phrase. And if you also use an inappropriate one, you can ruin your sexting forever.

To be suggestive in sexting it is ideal to use an ellipsis. For example, it is much more sensual to say: “I wish you were in my bed …” than to write: “I wish you were in my bed.” Do you notice the difference?

7. Express your feelings and emotions

Never keep to yourself how your sexting partner makes you feel with his words. Tell him exactly how he makes you. There is nothing that excites a person more than knowing that you are touching yourself because of how much it turns you on.

Also, don’t be afraid to tell some little lie that you sense can heat up the atmosphere. Imagine you’re sexting in unsexy underwear and pajamas – no need to tell! Fantasize a bit and create an idyllic setting for both of you.

Take the opportunity to tell him those fantasies that you would not dare to tell him personally. Sexting is the perfect field to open up! As an added effect, you will be able to expand the repertoire of situations so as not to always fall into the same common places.

And finally, do not forget that what is written can be reread. Say only those words that you feel comfortable with, it will not be something you will regret later.

Have you ever sexted? How was your experience? Don’t leave without leaving us some good advice!

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