What is a Nuru massage and why choose it?

What is a Nuru massage and why choose it?

Origin of Nuru massage and what it is about

Nuru massage is a type of body to body massage, of Japanese origin. Etymologically, the word “nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese.

The most predominant feature of this massage is that a special gel is used instead of oil or cream, with a gelatinous and slippery texture, called Nuru gel, which is spread on the entire body of the client so that the body-body massage is even more sensual and intimate.

The use of this gel enhances the melee, improves the friction between the bodies, which slide against each other with agility and sensuality.

The history of the Nuru massage dates back to Japan in the 1960s, where the country’s legislation prohibited prostitution and gave rise to the Japanese baths where the Nuru Massage was offered as a cleaning and massage session for men, despite it was actually an erotic massage session.

What is Nuru gel?

As we have briefly indicated in the previous point, the Nuru gel is a viscous texture gel, composed of a seaweed called Sphaerotrichia Divaricata, which the erotic masseuse will use to stimulate all the erogenous spots.

Thanks to this gel, the bodies of the client and the therapist will merge into one in a ritual of seduction, oriental exoticism and pleasure; In turn, the masseuse will use her entire body, breasts, buttocks, shoulders, legs, torso, elbows and forearms to massage the client’s body and spread the gel throughout her skin.

The gel not only offers a unique sensory experience, but also has multiple benefits for the skin, including hydration and nutrition and an antibacterial effect.

In addition, being a natural lubricant, when the masseuse proceeds to perform the Lingam, the felt sensation will be very similar to that of lubricating a vagina during sexual intercourse.

Nuru massage benefits

Next, we will describe the benefits that the Nuru massage offers you unlike other erotic or tantric massages:

Maximum connection with the masseuse

the close proximity that is generated thanks to the sliding effect of the nuru gel makes the connection that is created between the masseuse and the receiver much more intense than in a common massage. They are two bodies soaked in slippery gel, feeling each other in an act charged with eroticism and passion.

A delicious and unforgettable Lingam

Lingam is about the massage in the male intimate area, which includes stimulating all the erogenous and sensitive points until reaching orgasm, but why is Lingam with Nuru better? Because the tactile sensation of the nuru gel is like the sensation of the natural lubrication generated by the vagina when excited. You can close your eyes and enjoy a real and powerful sensation.

An alternative to classic oil and cream

in the event that you are tired of these products, or some of them generate irritation, leave a smell that you do not like (despite the fact that in Tantra Massage Barcelona all the products used are odorless), we offer you to try the nuru gel. Apart from being a product that you can easily remove after showering, it does not irritate the skin, it is absolutely odorless and it is also a high quality moisturizer.

Possible combinations of Nuru Massage

The classic Nuru Massage is performed on a tatami. The masseuse will stand on top of the receiver, offering him a fascinating body massage that will guide him towards ecstasy. The use of the gel is a key point of this massage, in addition to the body to body.

However, at Tantra Massage Barcelona we offer you the possibility of personalizing your Nuru massage in the following ways, which are the most recommended:

  • Add an Erotic Shower: apart from the tantric massage called Nuru Massage you can get an erotic shower with the masseuse at the beginning or at the end of the session.
  • Add the Double Lingam: you already know that the Nuru Massage offers a much more intense Lingam finish thanks to the lubricating and sensory intensifying effect of the gel, so choosing a second finish is vital for total relaxation and to repeat an experience that will leave you wanting more.
  • Add the Tantra Divan: The Nuru Massage in the Tantra Divan is an experience of the highest sexual and erotic charge. The sofa, by itself, already offers enough intimacy, so adding the nuru gel for a proper body to body touch will also promote this feeling of closeness.

These are some options you have, however there are many more.

In order to see all the possible extras, we recommend you look at the list of extras that we offer, so you can choose the one you want the most to personalize your tantric experience and leave your session satisfied.

At Tantra Massage Barcelona we promote the philosophy that the client lets his imagination run wild and decides for himself what he wants to incorporate into his tantric massage to make his experience more complete and memorable.

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