Why is it so hard for me to reach orgasm?

Why is it so hard for me to reach orgasm?

You don’t have any physical handicaps, but are you still having a hard time reaching orgasm? Does the lack of orgasms distress you or prevent you from having a healthy and stable relationship?

If you have never had an orgasm or if you want to enjoy sex again as you did before, we invite you to go through these lines. You will find in them valuable information that will allow you to recover your sexual life.

What is anorgasmia?

It is a medical term used to define the persistent difficulty in reaching an orgasm, even after having undergone intense sexual stimulation.

The truth is that each woman is a world and in matters of orgasms she could not be the exception. Each woman’s orgasms vary in intensity, frequency, and the amount and variety of stimulation necessary to achieve them. They also depend a lot on your age, on the taking of certain medications or if you have any kind of medical problem.

Why is it important to reach orgasm?

As you well know, orgasm is the climax, the most intense. It is the one that puts an end to an accumulation of sexual tension that is gestating from the excitement during an intimate relationship or through masturbation.

Coming to a climax is not only important in order to feel complete sexually but also to keep your physical and mental health in shape.

What is your case? Whatever, you’re here to try to remedy it, right? Then keep reading!




Factors involved in an orgasm

There are multiple factors that influence the achievement of an orgasm. You may have stopped experiencing it a long time ago. Or even, it is likely that you have never managed to have one despite having put all your efforts into stimulating your vagina correctly.

However, not all the intervening factors are physical, there are many emotional and psychological components in it.

Today you will know the most typical ones, but if you see that the problem extends too long in time, do not forget to consult a professional sexologist, who is the one who will be able to determine the true causes of your anorgasmia.

Let’s go to them!

Stress, anxiety or depression:

These are one of the most recurrent factors caused by modern life, a life in which everything must be done here and now and with the highest level of efficiency. These are conditions that can affect your life both physically, mentally and sexually, since it causes a great decrease in libido, as well as hormonal imbalances and anxiety.

We advise you to stop to identify the exact reason for your stress, anxiety or depression, it is the best way to remedy it.


If you only focus your sexual relationship on reaching orgasm, it is very likely that you are preventing its appearance yourself.

To put an end to this, knowledge of the tantric massage technique can be of great help, since the main objective of them is to enjoy the process without thinking about the end. You just have to focus on your feelings and those of your partner.

Lack of self-awareness:

If you still do not recognize the sensitivity in every corner of your own body, how can you awaken in yourself that sensuality so necessary to reach orgasm? Nor can you ask your partner to caress you and stimulate the parts that most excite you because you do not know them. Nobody but you has your own instruction manual.

Explore your body, masturbate, caress yourself, learn to know yourself. And do not forget sex toys, they are perfect gadgets to provide you with a pleasure that you can hardly get with your fingers.

Cultural and religious beliefs:

Even in the 21st century there are various religious and cultural traditions that think of free sexual intercourse or masturbation as a sinful practice instead of considering it a sign of healthy life. For them to feel intimate pleasure is a sin if its purpose is not to perpetuate the species.

Free yourself from guilt, jump beyond your beliefs and dare to live your sex life to the full. There is only one life and the sexual is the salt of any existence.

Lack of self-esteem:

It is one of the main roots of anorgasmia. If you do not have a body image of yourself that satisfies you or if the feeling of shame invades you when being with your partner intimately, it is practically impossible to feel enough sexual tension to reach orgasm.

Ask for the help of a therapist to help you get out of that insane loop that only hurts yourself.

Of course there are other causes: diseases, medications, smoking, alcoholism or aging. If this is your case, the only option you have to remedy it is to take it to your family doctor’s office.

In addition, to all this you have to add relationship problems, since they can have a serious impact on sexual relations. Some examples of this are lack of connection and communication, unresolved conflicts, infidelities or violence. In these cases, which are much more complex to solve, it is important to also seek the help of a professional.

Before leaving, do not stop sharing with us those emotions that invade you for not being able to reach orgasm. We will love to read you!

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