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Immerse yourself in the relaxing experience which offers you a Tantra Massage in Barcelona and enjoy, like never before, the magic and intimacy of our caresses.
Enter the privacy of our chambers bathed in a zen warm and exclusive atmosphere. Relax your body and scare away your negative emotions, at the same time that you enjoy the contact of our expert hands on your body.
Come to our Tantra Massage Center in Barcelona either alone or with your partner and let yourself be carried to the delights of a trip full of pleasure and oriental wisdom.


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At Masajes Tantra Barcelona we have an extensive menu of tantra massages for all tastes and within the reach of all budgets. Choose the one that best suits your needs!


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| 30′- 110€ | 45′ – 130€ | 60′ – 160€ | 90′ – 210€ |


| 60′ – 250€ | 90′ – 300€ |


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Those who are part of the Tantra Massage Center in Barcelona differ from our competition in a lot of aspects.
One of the most important is that our feminine and masculine masseurs are not just beauties with sculptural bodies, but also they are kind, educated and real experts of the tantra massage art.
Be sure that they will find all your erogenous areas to satisfy you completely, whatever your sexual orientation is.

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In our tantra massage center all is intimacy, sensuality and exclusivity. It is set in an environment where even the most little detail is thought to make you live an unforgettable erotic experience.


We have a team of massage therapists composed of educated, kind men and women, endowed with impressive beauty and infarct bodies. Their professionalism will dazzle you from minute one and will make you want to visit us again and again to know all the types of massages we can offer you, including lingam massage and yoni massage.

The exquisiteness and delicacy with which you will receive a tantra massage in Barcelona will lead you to the very clouds. And their eroticism will return to you the sensuality and those sensations of ecstasy that you thought were lost forever.

¿Are you asking for the price? Let it not be the cause of your worry. We have a wide
menu of quality massages designed for all the budgets, between which you will find the one that suits most to your possibilities and tastes.

We wait for you!

Our center of Tantra massage is located in one of the most central areas of the city of Barcelona. It would be very easy for you to reach us.

We are in Rambla 113, First Floor near Plaza Cataluña.

¿The best of our location? It is found one step from the metro, the train and it is an area full of the well-known commerce, popular bars, restaurants to know the traditional catalan gastronomy and hotels in which you can stay with comfort during the time you will stay in the Condal city.

Receive erotic massages in Barcelona designed to stimulate the most sensible areas of your body and enjoy immersed in a kind, original and exclusive environment. We offer you a space thought for the awakening of your conscience through pleasure.

Delicate aromatic candles, relaxing music and a deep cleaning are waiting for you to offer you a real religious experience from an extreme sexual pleasure.

The masseur or the professional masseuse of your choice will make you feel, from minute one, absolutely comfortable. Everything is prepared for you to find your inner self through our subtle tantra caresses.

From the hands of our erotic masseuses discover the unimaginable sensations in the most erogenous areas of your body. Live and relive the number of times you prefer the most thrilling experience of your life.

Massages are done in a environment of total respect and discretion. Rediscover the pleasure of enjoying it without company and relive those sensations you thought were lost with your partner.

¿Do you prefer a traditional tantra massage or you would like to receive an explosive combination of caresses? It doesn’t matter the type of massage that you choose, you will always obtain the best experience from the hands of our specialists.

¿Do you imagine the sensation of receiving a four-hand massage given by our expert masseuses? ¿And what if we tell you that you can also select a man and feel his masculine contact over your body? ¿Or maybe you prefer a combination of both sexes dedicated to you completely?

Come to our center and enjoy a magic atmosphere, full of harmony and of tantric sex.

¿Are you staying in a Hotel in Barcelona? ¡Perfect! We have a comfortable outcall service thought to make you avoid unnecessary voyages and offer you the maximum comfort.

We have thought this service both for executives who assist conventions, meetings or fairs or any person that longs for an intimate space full of well-being in which you can enjoy a tantra massage in Barcelona.

¿Can you imagine with us for a moment?

You are in a Hotel Room in Barcelona after having lived a long and stressful journey, desiring fervently to enjoy an intimate moment of relaxing massages.

You contact us, we guide you through our catalogue to your ideal tantra masseuse and when less you are expecting it she knocks to your door. You open and you start living one of the most intense and unforgettable erotic experiences of your life.

At first, the masseur or the masseuse will decorate your room disposing from all the necessary objects to create a tantric atmosphere which, for its own self, will transport you to the very heart of the traditional oriental culture.

Dim light, a tatami, scented candles, incense and flower petals will give a romantic touch to the evening. Nor will the warm oil be lacking so that you feel more intensely the warmth of the massage.

Your professional tantra masseuse will start your session sliding her hands all over your body until you reach a sensation of complete relaxation. From then you will start feeling how your sexual energy is driving you to the same essence of yourself.

A mystical connection and unimaginable physical sensations will drive you directly to ecstasy. And all from the comfort of the private room of your Hotel.

¿Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Don’t miss the opportunity to live this adventure without having to move, it will fascinate you.

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Differences between a Tantra massage and an erotic massage

This is the most recurring question that our clients ask us before deciding to hire our Tantra massage services in Barcelona. When we hear the word Tantra we usually associate it unfailingly with sex. This is because they are often used as synonyms undermining the spiritual essence of tantric massage.

Tantric massage is closely related to physical, mental and spiritual health. And if, in addition, you add eroticism to a Tantra massage, we are sure that it will become one of the most important experiences of your life.

We will tell you below the similarities and differences between a tantric massage and an erotic massage in our massage center in Barcelona:


● Both are sensual and are performed throughout the body in order to relax it.

● In both erotic and tantric massage, the intimate sacred areas are caressed: the yoni and the lingam.

● Increase libido and imagination and improve sexual potency.

● They are massages whose main objective is to free your mind and break the bonds imposed by social and cultural structures.

● Stimulate deep breathing and relaxation.
● Both contribute to improving mood and emotional balance.

The erotic massage:

● The main objective of erotic massage is to give sexual pleasure and ends in orgasm. When you hear the phrase “massage with a happy ending”, it is exactly that: manual stimulation to achieve male ejaculation or female orgasm.

● Free whoever receives it from sexual repression to which we all, to a greater or lesser extent, are subjected.

● It helps to wake up and stimulate sexual appetite, to free yourself from fantasies, taboos and repressive beliefs.

● It is a massage that fulfills a social and liberating mission. ● Stay away from anxiety states and favor calm.
● Does not include the characteristics of tantric massage.

Tantric massage:

● The ultimate purpose of a Tantra massage is to achieve the awakening of consciousness through sensuality and eroticism. He does not seek to reach orgasm although he does arrive, he is welcome.

● It begins with a traditional oriental ritual and aims to unite with the Divine through the channeling and distribution of sexual energy throughout the nervous system.

● The body’s energy channels are purified through massage and the chakras harmonized.

● A great improvement in mental, physical and spiritual balance is achieved.

● It does not always include caresses on the genitals, it will depend on the desire of the massage.

● The correct breathing is stimulated so that both masseuse and massage are present and aware at all times.

● The intimate caresses have the ultimate goal of connecting the spirit with the Universe and its Divine essence.

● A lot of importance is given to the technique, especially the massage in the lingam or the yoni, but without neglecting the heart. They are not immovable steps but the massage develops naturally as the spiritual connection between your masseuse and you occurs.

● This massage includes all the benefits of erotic massage.

Tantra is an oriental life philosophy whose origin dates back more than 4,000 years.

For its part, Tantra massage is one of the many techniques of tantric sex and is related to the part that deals with the sexual aspect. It is ideal for those who are in search of the spiritual and want to transform a sexual encounter into something more than a purely carnal experience.

Its objective is not that you reach orgasm, although it is very likely that you have it, but that its mission is to make you join, through the sexual energy emanated from your erogenous zones, to your Divine essence and thus achieve inner freedom .

At present, this technique has adapted to the times that run and not only seek union with the Divine but also try to get away from daily stress and be able to face with greater resolution and assertiveness to the tests imposed on you by all Facets of everyday life.

To enjoy without limits an experience of tantric massages it is important that you know that there are several postures that can provide you with a dose of unimaginable


It is essential that kisses and caresses are not lacking and controlled in any of these positions. And especially, that both are active and forget personal selfishness to make your partner enjoy.

And never forget that Tantra is not necessarily linked to orgasm, but aims to extend pleasure in time as much as possible.


To begin, it must be said that this position is advised when the heights of those who practice it are similar and that it requires some practice. The woman sits on the man’s lap and they both hold their partner’s feet while the lingam penetrates the yoni.


The woman has to sit comfortably on her partner and both have to hug each other’s neck. Once they are comfortable, it is time to start penetration. This should be carried out slowly and smoothly so that the degree of excitement gradually increases until the climax is reached.


Sitting facing him, the woman has to raise her leg slightly and hold it with one hand. This is the moment when he has to start penetration. It should start smoothly and gradually increase the intensity. This posture can be uncomfortable if you don’t have some practice and flexibility.


Sitting both facing each other, he has to pass the woman’s legs under his arms while hugging her neck with both hands. In this position the penetration of the lingam into the yoni begins.


This is one of the most exciting positions. The man sits cross-legged while she sits on his lap surrounding his body with his legs. He then puts his hands on her shoulders to begin sexual movements.

Now that you know them, you can choose the one you liked and ask any of our tantric masseuses in Barcelona.

Next, we tell you some of the secrets of our masseuses so that you discover how to do a tantric massage to a man and drive him crazy with pleasure.

The tantric massage in the lingam does not directly seek ejaculation but stimulate and channel sexual energy towards this extremely sensitive erogenous zone.

To start it is necessary to create an environment that allows relaxation. The space must be free of interruptions, since it is not about performing a quick massage. For this it is necessary to dimly illuminate the room with aromatic candles and incenses.

Lubrication is indispensable. Our masseuses use essential oils that moisturize the skin and provide smoothness to your movements. The incredible sensations that these oils produce will cause unprecedented excitement.

The massage has to start slowly and seductively. Have your hands caress, little by little, your body to stimulate and excite each of your senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

It is very important to know the sensitive points of your partner’s genitals. Both the lingam in all its extension and its testicles, the scrotum and the perineum should be gently massaged.

Massages can be done with two or four hands if you have a third person. The ascending movements must be firm and the descending movements much softer.

One of the hands will massage the testicles, the perineum and the scrotum while the other will be dedicated to the lingam, from the base to the glans. It is important to maintain a rhythmic movement and use the entire palm of the hand.

Who gives the massage must also enjoy the practice, since sexual energy is transmitted from one body to another. Creativity, enjoyment and generosity are the keys to achieve that the lingam massage stimulates the erogenous zones and allows to achieve a unique and spiritual connection.

Like the lingam massage in Barcelona, the yoni massage is not intended to cause orgasm, although if you arrive you will be welcome. What it intends is to stimulate and reactivate sexual energy to arouse desire through caresses in the genital areas.

Yoni massage in Barcelona encompasses more erogenous zones than lingam, because the female body has more pleasure points than the male, since these are not reduced to the sexual areas themselves.

It is important that women reach a comfortable posture. Tantric music and aromatic candles should not be missing to set the room and achieve a climate of peace and harmony.

Ideally, start with the woman lying on her back, totally naked and with her legs apart. It is convenient to place a cushion under your hips and another under your head for comfort.

It is time to have on hand a lubricant that prevents vaginal dryness or an essential oil that facilitates the sliding of the hands and brings softness to the movements of the massage.

The oil must be poured, first of all, into the hands of the masseuse who will begin to gently and slowly massage the woman’s abdomen, breasts and thighs. Do not go in a hurry to get to the intimate area if what is intended is for her to reach indescribable sensations in her yoni.

It is time to put the lubricant in the pubis so that it drips slowly towards the vagina. And then, begin to gently massage each of the labia majora with the index and thumb fingers causing them to slide from top to bottom and vice versa, for the entire length of the lips. This same procedure must be carried out on the labia minora.

Now it is time to massage the point of greatest female pleasure: the clitoris. We must bear in mind that it is an excessively delicate area, so no movement or sudden pressure.

Caress the clitoris with the index finger following the clockwise direction and then, in the opposite direction. Then exert light pressure on it with the index and thumb fingers and hold them at that point for a few seconds. To increase pleasure in an indescribable way, you have to go back, stopping to caress that area to return to it a few seconds later.


Stimulation of the G-spot is indispensable. Our masseuses tell us that to reach it you have to put your hand with your palm turned up and insert your middle finger into the vagina. Once done, it is time to fold it in the direction of the palm of your hand.


When you notice a spongy area under the pubic bone, you have reached point G. Now perform very smooth circular movements with your finger. It is very possible that the woman immediately reaches an intense orgasm followed by an indescribable relaxation and physical well-being.

Erotic Massage



If you came here, looking for a center of erotic massages in Barcelona where you feel treated in a personal way, we can deduce that you are eager to live a different experience.

With our tantric massages you can discover the incredible sensation of enjoying an intimate atmosphere and of feeling in your body the hands of our and our sculptural and expert masseurs in Tantra massages.

You can also come with your partner, if you wish. Quality in tantric massages and at prices that will amaze and encourage you to repeat the experience with us again and again.

Write us or come to our center, we are eager to give you the best of ourselves so that you can live the best erotic experience of your life!



We don’t like to wear medals that we don’t deserve. It is because of our long history and experience, for the satisfaction that our clients permanently transmit to us that we can say without fear of being wrong that we are the best center of erotic tantric massages in Barcelona. Contact us now and check it out!


When you are looking for a Tantra massage center in Barcelona, you are looking for quality, price, exquisiteness and above all you want to find a place where you can be yourself. All this and much more find our customers. That is why they repeat and continuously recommend us to their friends and relatives.


All our clients leave absolutely satisfied and most of them repeat. Why? Because our only goal is to achieve your pleasure and get your complete satisfaction.


Unfortunately, it is quite common to find sites that promise you gold until the moment of truth arrives. With us that will never happen to you, we have authentic professionals in the art of tantric erotic massages.

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