Tantra Massage Barcelona not only incorporates tantra-erotic massages or therapeutic massages, we are also specialists in laser hair removal, also called IPL laser photolaser. Laser hair removal, for those who are not versed in the subject, is a process of permanent body or facial hair removal through the emission of laser light, equipment with interchangeable filters that allows you to select the wavelength more suitable for each treatment, quick and painless hair removal thanks to its refrigerated head. It is a procedure that is carried out by sessions, the number of which will be determined by the professional when considering the type of hair, the area, the age and the hormonal system of the client. It is important to follow a continuity in the treatment, and that the clients commit to follow the indications of the specialist to obtain a fast and optimal result.
Treatment suitable for all skin tones and hairs, less white hairs. During the treatment, which can be done at any time of the year, sunbathing or UV rays will only be restricted for 3 days: the day before, the day of treatment and the day after. Our specialist in this service has more than 17 years of experience, which gives us a guarantee of effectiveness, collaborates with Masajes Tantra by scheduled appointment, with stipulated dates, since it also collaborates with other beauty and medical centers. Ask us the next session. Note: in no case will our laser hair removal specialist  will provide any type of massage, you can combine your hair removal session with the erotic or therapeutic tantra massage service with a masseuse. At Tantra Massage Barcelona we offer 24-hour attention by WhatsApp, telephone or email, where our receptionists can inform you of any questions you have regarding your session and offer you the options that best suit your needs. The point in favor that we offer are our prices, much cheaper than in other beauty centers, in addition to the option of customizing your session by zones at your convenience. In the event that you want to book an appointment with our professional esthetician, please also let us know through the means outlined above and we will assign you a day for your first session.


  • Sideburns or Cheeks 20€
  • Beard Line 20€
  • Armpits 40€
  • Complete Groins 60€
  • Perianal Area 35€
  • Whole Legs 140€
  • Buttocks 50€
  • Feet (Instep and Toes) 15€
  • Arms 100€
  • Hands and fingers 15€
  • White Line superior 25€
  • White Line Inferior 25€
  • Abdomen 50€
  • Thorax 70€
  • Shoulders 20€
  • Upper Back 80€
  • Lower Lumbar Back 40€
  • Photorejuvenation (Face, Neck, Neckline) 60€
  • Acne (By Zone) Desde 50€


  • Lips 15€
  • Chin 30€
  • Sideburns or Cheeks 20€
  • Neck 35€
  • Armpits 30€
  • Groins 30€
  • Brazilian Groins 40€
  • Complete Groins 50€
  • Perianal Area 30€
  • Whole Legs 110€
  • 1/2 Legs 70€
  • Thighs 80€
  • Buttocks 40€
  • Feet (Instep and Toes) 15€
  • Arms 60€
  • Hands and fingers 10€
  • White Line superior 20€
  • White Line Inferior 20€
  • Abdomen 40€
  • Halolas 20€
  • Shoulders 20€
  • Lower Lumbar Back 30€
  • Photorejuvenation (Face, Neck, Neckline) 60€
  • Acne (By Zone) Desde 50€



If you choose 3 or 4 zones we offer you a 10% discount

If you choose 5 or 6 zones we offer you 15% discount

If you choose 7 or more areas we offer you a 20% discount