Did you know that men also have a “G“ spot? And have you heard that our statuesque masseuses are experts in finding it and making you enjoy it to the fullest thanks to prostate massage in Barcelona? If you are looking to live a different, exciting and erotic experience like few others, we invite you to visit our Tantra Massage Barcelona center and ask us for an erotic prostate massage. What will you get? A sensual massage that will progress throughout your body until it reaches, little by little, your “G“ Point. We guarantee that you will feel in the very heaven of arousal.


If you are one of those men who are not afraid to investigate their body to rediscover their most intense pleasure points, the erotic prostate massage in Barcelona is designed for you. The erotic prostate massage that you receive in our center is exclusively designed for men who have decided to live their sexuality without limits or taboos. And it is, precisely, a gentle and delicate massage on the male “G” point accessed through the prostate.


This little-known point is located exactly at the entrance of the anus. It is such an erogenous zone that those who have already tried a prostate massage with us, confess that they have never had an experience that gave them such an intensity of joy. And the pleasure of receiving a massage in the prostate area is as intense as it is amazing. Of course, not everyone is capable of giving a pleasant prostate massage. For you to reach the edge of orgasm under its delicate touches and movements, it is necessary to have the great experience that our erotic masseuses have.


Our professional erotic masseuses not only know how to do a prostate massage that will take you to seventh heaven, but they are also capable of making you feel comfortable in an environment of courtesy, education and harmony, designed especially for you. In our professionals you will find such complicity and proximity that you will be able to be yourself by reencountering sensations that you thought were lost forever. And it is that our objective is that you relax to the maximum and you come to wish that the fingers of the beautiful masseuse reach that point considered as the peak of masculine pleasure.


Once you ask us for an appointment, we will invite you to choose the masseuse you like the most in our center and the suite best set to fulfill your fantasies. Lying comfortably on the tatami, futon or table, you will begin to feel that the hands and completely naked body of your masseuse, are freeing you from all accumulated tension and leading you, little by little, to the point of excitement that will allow you to rediscover your being inner through the honeys of Tantra. As prostate massage is a technique in which the interaction is complete, you can also explore the impressive curves of your masseuse with the delicacy of your hands. You will enjoy the contact of her breasts, her buttocks and, of course, her intimate areas. As long as you give her pleasure, the masseuse will use all of her art to stimulate every corner of your skin. With her hands properly lubricated, she will slowly massage your back, your thighs and the inner part of them until reaching your anal area. As you relax more and more she will get closer to your anus, she will insert a finger into it and begin to massage your prostate area until she perceives in you a total relaxation of your entrance. Only then will she start her way to your “G” spot, the male prostate gland: one of the most erogenous zones of your body. And finally the peak moment arrives. Now you can choose if you prefer that your masseuse continues to insert her fingers or if you prefer that she use an erotic toy to continue with anal stimulation. Meanwhile, her professional movements will alternate the massage at your “G” point with the stimulation of your penis and genital area until taking you to the most intense climax of your life. Once you have reached orgasm, it will be time for deep relaxation. The waves of pleasant sensations that have traveled throughout your body will begin to descend placidly and calmly, while your mind is immersed in that tantric environment with soft light, finely decorated with scented candles and soft and relaxing music. A prostate massage in our Tantra Massage Barcelona center, includes: ● Choice of your masseuse. ● Choice of suite. ● Full nude. ● Total interaction with your masseuse. ● Sensitive Lingam.


As you have already seen, it is an interactive massage, so you can freely caress the body of your masseuse, while at the same time enjoying her hands on your skin. This feeling of total freedom will allow you to feel full, in a cozy atmosphere bathed in the spirituality of Tantra. Prostate massage is full of sensuality and eroticism, something that will help you free your mind from taboos and inhibitions created by an archaic and stale society, and will allow you to achieve an exciting sensation in your anal area. Through the loving and sensitive hands of your masseuse you will connect with your inner being and believe that you are touching the sky with the tips of your fingers. In Tantra Massages Barcelona we guarantee you a session of ecstasy and total relaxation, in which the main protagonist is you.


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