Have you heard of Thai massage in Barcelona? It is very likely that your answer is yes and that this is the reason why you have reached us. Are we right? The exclusive Thai massages that we offer you in our center are designed so that you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, full of respect and education. But it is also an erotic massage capable of taking you, little by little and with the greatest delicacy in the world, to the peak of your sexual arousal.


Broadly speaking, it is a type of massage that focuses mainly on your sensations and perceptions. It also consists of one of the best techniques to relax each muscle in your body in a completely deep and natural way. Thai massage was invented by Shivago Komarpaj, a medical doctor who was elevated to the altars of Thailand and is now known worldwide as the “Father of Thai medicine.” According to the Pali Buddhist Canon, Dr. Shivago Komarpaj was the Buddha’s personal physician no more and no less than 2,500 years ago. In those days, traditional Chinese medicine was combined with Ayurveda, the name given to traditional and alternative medicine in India.



In our erotic massage center in Barcelona we are specialists in offering you an exciting erotic Thai massage. And what exactly is it about? Well, it is a combination of the Thai massage technique with that of the erotic massage itself.

Are we going to imagine together?

Let’s start from the assumption that you have already chosen the oriental masseuse of your choice and you have called us to receive a Thai massage Barcelona.

We have treated you with the education and dedication that characterize us and after having agreed on the type of massage you want, we will make an appointment for you for a specific day and time in our exclusive massage center.

The suite that we will have assigned you will be exquisitely and sensually decorated with all kinds of significant objects of Thai culture. Suddenly you will go from the feeling of coming from the chaotic outside world to finding yourself immersed in a wonderful, peaceful and stimulating Zen environment.

Once you are in the room, your erotic Thai masseuse will ask you to completely undress before starting the massage session. The simple act of taking off your clothes is the first step in removing inhibitions and taboos that only contribute to creating physical and mental tensions.

You should know that during the Thai massage you will take a very active role. Your erotic masseuse will show you different positions very similar to those carried out in Yoga; positions that you will have to perform to feel the contact of her hands in all areas of your body, even the most intimate.

The Thai massage professional will support her entire body on you and will focus on pressing on it with her arms and forearms. This technique is used so that the pressure applied is much more stable and safe.

Thai massage will follow the Zen line of your body. The Zen line is a kind of map of your energy that will guide you to the areas that allow the opening of your chakras.

The sculptural oriental masseuse can choose to give you the massage with her feet and her legs in such a way that her hands will rest on your body and it is her feet that will be dedicated to giving you the massage itself.

The Thai massage can last approximately two hours, since it includes the application of a variety of techniques that range from stretching throughout your body, including the fingers and toes, to the exercise of rhythmic and sensual pressure over every area of ​​your skin.

A Thai massage in Barcelona can bring together up to three different techniques:

1. Kneading the muscles: this technique is carried out at different depths, both with the palm of the hands and with the fingers of the professional.

2. Digitopuncture: the erotic masseuse will press very specific acupuncture points on your body. She will also travel your Zen energy lines. 

3. Chiropractic: This is a technique by which the masseuse will take care of stretching your joints and soft tissues. It also includes stretching for the spine.



The benefits of Thai massages in Barcelona are multiple. On the one hand, their mission is to help you harmonize body and mind by making your energy flow freely. On the other hand, a Thai massage will seek to balance the four elements of your body:

Air: corresponds to the circulation of blood and respiration. 

Fire: related to metabolism and digestion.

Earth: its correspondence is with the muscles and bones of the body.

Water: is related to secretions and blood.

However, since it is also an erotic massage, its objective goes far beyond the aforementioned benefits, since it comes to positively influence your mood and spiritual states. Something that will not only greatly favor your personal and work relationships, but will also improve your life in all its areas.

Although the purpose of the erotic Thai massage is not the search for climax itself, its technique will make you reach, through pleasure, a state of sublime arousal. This is something that will free you from any inhibition and, quite possibly, climax will come without you being able to do anything to prevent it.

Are you calling us now to ask for a Thai massage in Barcelona and we will make an unforgettable appointment for you? Our sculptural erotic Thai masseuses are waiting for you!


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