Erotic massage at a hotel in Barcelona

Because those of us who do Tantra Massages Barcelona mainly value your well-being, we offer you the service of an erotic massage at a hotel in Barcelona.
Without having to move, you can enjoy an unforgettable erotic massage in the comfort of your hotel room. From the hand of spectacular and sensual masseuses, we predict an experience so intimate, pleasant and exclusive that we have no doubt that you will want to repeat it again and again.
The main objective of an erotic tantric massage is that you achieve the greatest possible sexual pleasure so that the energy flows and you can connect with your Divine essence. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the massage that most eroticizes you. For this purpose, we offer you a complete massage menu among which we offer you a wide variety of modalities that can be enjoyed in any hotel in Barcelona.

How do I receive an erotic massage at a hotel in Barcelona?

To be able to enjoy any of the massages that we offer in our center in the privacy of your room, you must be staying in a hotel located in Barcelona and call us to make an appointment. For this, we encourage you to visit our wonderful city of Barcelona, ​​one of the most important metropolises in Spain and Europe, where you can enjoy the sea and the mountains, as well as streets and places full of history.

Once you have contacted us, we will ask you for your preferences regarding the type of erotic massage, sex and the number of Tantras masseuses you wish to receive at your hotel. When we have all the information, we will make an appointment for you on the day your obligations allow it.

Outings to a hotel in Barcelona include any of the following erotic tantric massages:

● Mutual Tantra Massage

This tantric massage begins while you and your masseuse contemplate your naked bodies while you advance with increasingly exciting intimate caresses. The session will end with a body-to-body massage from which the “happy ending” will be the inevitable consequence.

● Tantra Prostate Massage

It is an erotic massage where the star of the session will be the male G-spot. Starting with a massage in one of your most erogenous zones: the prostate, you will know what it is to reach the paradise of sensations and emotions.

● Body to body massage

Feeling the delights of the skin of any of our sculptural masseuses on your body is an intense experience that you have to live even once in your life. Both bodies lubricated with a special gel will slide over each other while your most sensitive areas are gently caressed. The objective of this massage is to take you to the limit of your excitement and subsequent relaxation.

● Nuru massage

This is the most sensual and close massage of the entire menu. From the comfort of your hotel room, you will feel the body of your masseuse slipping, lubricated with the incomparable Nuru gel, and you will be able to enjoy the most exciting tantric positions through your skin.

In case you didn’t know, Nuru is a gel of Japanese origin that has great nutritional properties.

● Sensual Tantra massage

Would you be passionate about experiencing an interactive massage in which you can receive and at the same time give pleasure? Ask us then for a sensual Tantra massage through which you will perceive the hands of your masseuse on your body while you can also caress his. This massage

It will end with a Lingam or a Yoni that will elevate you to the very heaven of erotic pleasure.

● Fetish Tantra Massage

Leave repressions and taboos aside! The time has come to be able to fulfill your fantasies, even the most secret ones. Does it turn you on to feel humiliated in the hands of an inflexible mistress? Or maybe you prefer to feel your body caressed by a statuesque firefighter with the hose always ready? No matter what your fantasy is, we will go out of our way to fulfill it in the privacy of your hotel room in Barcelona.

● Lust Tantra Massage

If lust is your pending account, this is the massage you are looking for. It is the most exciting that we can offer you. It begins with an erotic shower and a shocking striptease from a sensual masseuse. The Lust Tantra Massage includes a Yoni or a Lingam during the shower and another at the end when you are lying on a comfortable tatami. Make no mistake about it that you will live an intense experience that will exalt all your senses in the middle of a session full of lust and morbidity.

● Mistic Tantra Massage

Are you turned on by the mystery and intrigue of tantric sex? Then ask us for this massage. Your masseuse will blindfold you and, while she runs over your body with her sensual hands, she will lift you up to the peak of your excitement. An intense pleasure for those who enjoy the enigmas of sex.

● Obscene Tantra Massage

This is a massage for the most demanding clients since it includes all the characteristics of the previous ones and more. You will experience an incredibly exciting and exclusive massage session. To this session we add a glass of cava or tea, as you prefer, shisha and a foam bath. And as if all this were not enough, we will give you a triple relaxation massage with two surprise endings that will cause you such an impact that you will never be able to forget the sensations that will awaken in your body.

● Tantra four-hand massage

And how about living the experience of feeling the four hands of two sculptural masseuses on your body while they make you the recipient of all their eroticism and seduction? Four hands focused only on giving you pleasure, going through your erogenous zones millimeter by millimeter, while taking you to the peak of climax. Live with us this intense tantric experience of incomparable eroticism.

Call us now and we can arrange an outing to give you an erotic massage at your hotel in Barcelona?


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