Erotic waxing, for both men and women, is a method that combines the highest professionalism of hair removal with the game and eroticism of our erotic masseurs. Our professionals, both waxing and tantric massage, are ready to offer you a waxing session that will provide you with incipient results, as well as entertainment during the session. And, if you wish, an erotic-tantric massage after depilation, where you can unleash all desire and repressed excitement, and relax with a state of internal well-being. It is an unconventional and novel way of obtaining your depilatory session, which is offered by very few massage centers. As we indicated previously, the service is aimed at both men and women, as we have both female erotic masseurs and male erotic masseurs capable of offering the best waxing service. Put yourself in our hands to receive the most satisfying experience you can imagine. For more information, read on below.

Now, in our erotic and tantric massage center Tantra Massage Barcelona we offer the requested service, exciting and at the same time, absolutely professional and effective in erotic waxing in Barcelona. Male integral hair removal is a process that leaves the body free of hair. This hair cleaning can be by areas, it can be one or several, the rates of which we will indicate below, or it can be comprehensive, that is, full-body.

At Tantra Massage Barcelona some tantric masseuses for waxing who collaborate with the center are also professional estheticians in the field of waxing. Despite being a process that can cause some pain, since it is performed using hot or warm wax, on the skin to pluck hair, our erotic masseuses, semi-naked during the session, with their softness and suggestion will help you forget the pain and focus on the erotic game, full of caresses that they will offer you at the same time.

In addition, it will not only be the presence of the erotic masseuse the only dressing of the depilatory session, but we also offer you the best atmosphere, with relaxing music, adequate air conditioning and the highest quality products so that the session you obtain is totally satisfactory.

Also, after the waxing session, you can request the service of an erotic massage. The service is obtained after the waxing session, since the oil on the skin complicates the hair removal process. The masseuse who has shaved you, will also be the one who will then offer you a relaxing and exciting massage with a Lingam finish that will satisfy the desire accumulated during the time in his presence, if you want another massage therapist to do the price of hair removal increases by 10%.

And if you are wondering, why to shave? We explain: waxing is an effective way without side effects, perhaps with a little irritation on the first day of the session, to obtain smooth skin that lasts longer than shaving (depending on the speed of hair growth of each person), free of bacteria (as these usually accumulate in hair areas) and also aesthetically pleasing, as it is considered a common practice in men who decide to take good care of their appearance. In addition, it helps the hair to weaken through continuous sessions and grow smoother.

If you are a woman and want, as is common, an adequate erotic waxing, that leaves your skin radiant, free of hair and smooth for a long time, you can also contact Tantra Masajes Barcelona. We will offer you the options of both female erotic masseuses and male erotic masseurs who can offer you this service. Both men and women equally professional and prepared to offer you a high quality service. Waxing with eroticism included is always a more fun experience, so why not try it? However, if you prefer to avoid the erotic part and get your waxing session in the classic style, you can also do it with us. Indicate your preferences and we will personalize the session to your liking to the best of our ability.


  • Erotic Waxing (Inter-Buttock, Genital Area) + Massage (From Sensual) 100€+Massage Price