Are you interested in the topic of erotic massages? Then we are sure that you have read countless times that a Lingam massage in Barcelona is the direct passport to paradise. And you, what do you think? Have you ever received a massage of this type? Do you think it is as sensual, exciting and spiritual as they say? Today we are going to talk to you about the Lingam massage from our experience as tantric massage professionals and, incidentally, we will take the opportunity to invite you to our Tantra Massages Barcelona center, so that you can see for yourself the incredible sensations that a Lingam massage can give you if it is performed in professional way and is correctly combined with the magic of Tantra.


The first thing you need is to be completely willing to give yourself body, mind and soul to this experience that will leave an indelible mark on your life. For this we invite you to forget about shame and to shed any preconceived ideas that you may have in relation to an erotic masseur or masseuse. The truth is that having an open mind is a fundamental step to fully experience all the eroticism, sensuality and spirituality that emanates from a massage with the characteristics of the Lingam. Our boys and girls are true professionals of tantric massage and will make you feel at ease all times as if you were in your own home. In addition to having a spectacular physical appearance and having a beauty that will take your breath away, they are all polite, friendly and do their jobs with total seriousness. Do you dare to live a different experience at the hands of our team of professional erotic masseuses in Barcelona?



Before continuing to tell you the secrets of Lingam massage it is important that you know all its ins and outs.

In the Hindu religion, the Lingam is the representation of the infinite nature of God Shiva, one of the deities of the Trimurti or Hindu Trinity. The word Lingam has its origin in Sanskrit and refers to  its sexual energy.

On the other hand, in tantric sex, the Lingam is complemented by the Yoni (vulva or vagina) and refers to the female sexual energy.

Are you wondering if the Lingam massage includes sex? The answer is definitely no. Nor does it have orgasm as its main objective.


As we have already mentioned, the Lingam massage does not seek orgasm as the ultimate goal, nor is it a proper sexual practice. This is the reason why you only have to dedicate yourself to enjoying the sensations that the expert hands of the masseuse awaken in your body.

The goal of a Lingam massage is to elevate you to a state of excitement so intense that, completely stripped of the pressure of having to ejaculate, you can achieve union with your inner being and your Divine essence.

Your state of relaxation will be the maximum that your body allows, however, you will never lose excitement. Both components, relaxation and excitement combined, will make the massage an unforgettable experience.

In short, the objective of the Lingam massage in Barcelona is to become a means that allows you to discover the sensitivity of all your erogenous zones, at the same time as finding new possibilities of pleasure with your erotic masseuse.



Now we are going to tell you how to do a Lingam massage step by step and, for this, we invite you to relive with us this unique adventure of sensuality and spirituality for your five senses.

When the day and time of your appointment arrives, your erotic masseuse will be waiting for you in our center. You will surely be anxious and possibly somewhat tense. You have nothing to worry about! In an absolutely natural way, you will be taken to a suite surrounded by a luxurious decoration in the best tantric style and your nerves will immediately take a back seat.

Your attention will be focused on your spectacular erotic masseuse and you will become the only thing important to her. Candles and aromatic essences, soft music, very dim light and optimal ambient air conditioning will accompany what will be an exciting evening designed to awaken every fiber of your body. Without realizing it, you will feel subjugated by a journey designed just for you and your mental and spiritual enjoyment.

Your sensual masseuse will ask you to completely undress and lie down on the tatami. Once you are comfortably located, the warm and exciting massage will begin throughout your body.

She will change the pressure of her hands and also the speed of her movements. This variation of intensity will transport you to the seventh heaven. We recommend that at this stage of the massage you focus especially on your breathing and let yourself be carried away to achieve a true feeling of inner liberation.

Remember that in a Lingam massage in Barcelona you will not find proper sex. Your attitude must always be passive to allow all the spirituality of Tantra to penetrate you and lead you to meet your true essence.

If you manage to take advantage of all the benefits of a Lingam massage you will come to discover that you are capable of facing life in a different way, with more force, without taboos and with your gaze focused on your Divinity.

Are you close to Barcelona or about to travel to it? Do not wait more!. Call us right now and come to live with us the intense and ineffable experience that it means to receive a Lingam Massage in Barcelona.


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