Frequent questions



In this section you will find answers to the most frequent questions that may arise before asking us for an erotic tantric massage. Look for yours!

At the Tantra Massage Barcelona center we respect state obligations to maintain precaution and establish preventive measures after quarantine. These are as follows:

  • Use of disinfectant gel: clients will have to wash their hands with disinfectant gel when entering the center, to avoid bringing infections from the street, as well as showering with special attention before the masseuse gives them the massage.
  • Use of shoes in the center: the client at his entrance will be asked to put his shoes in a disposable bag and take it with him to the room.
  • Use of mask and gloves: mandatory for receptionists, it is optional for masseuses to also wear a mask, despite the fact that it is difficult to use gloves to massage due to the lack of sensitivity. However, we make the possibility of requesting it available to the client, if they so desire and feel more secure. In the case of the client, we recommend the use of both to prevent.We await the prevention measures that the government will announce after the quarantine for the operation of businesses. Such measures are subject to change in the event that they contradict the measures imposed by the state.
  • Distance of 1 meter: the receptionists at the time of attending you will maintain the distance of 1 meter.
  • Prohibition on the entry of people with symptoms of cough or fever: to ensure maximum security, the center reserves the right to prohibit entry to anyone with symptoms of cough or fever.
  • Constant analysis of the state of health of the masseuses: erotic masseuses will be forced to undergo medical check-ups every month and at any sign of illness, they will be prohibited from collaborating with the massage center until their recovery.
  • Disinfectant cleaning of the center: despite the fact that disposable material has always been used in massages, such as disposable covers or slippers, deep disinfectant cleaning will be mandatory after each service offered, so that the next client can feel safe in our facilities.
  • Digital thermometer: it will be used with both clients and center staff. When the customer enters, they will be asked to measure their temperature to minimize the chances of infection.
  • Ozone machine for periodic disinfection: The center will have an ozone equipment for disinfection of the center air. The machine removes 99.5% of bacteria, viruses and fungi from the air, and chemical contaminants from the residual water.

Erotic massage seeks, as the main objective, sexual pleasure and always ends with orgasm. It has a great liberating and social mission, but does not include the characteristics of tantric massage.

Tantric massage includes all the benefits and nuances of an erotic massage, but its ultimate goal is to achieve awareness through sexual pleasure. He does not seek to reach orgasm even if he arrives, he is welcome.

Yes. We offer both types of massages, Tantra, erotic or a combination of both. You can opt for a massage with “happy ending” in Barcelona or without it.

Yes. We specialize in decontracting, therapeutic, chiropractic massages and you can even ask us for sports massages. Ask us for the service you want, whether you have a simple contracture or need a complete relaxing massage.

Effectively. All our masseuses are professionals and even some of them are qualified in various techniques.

Whether you are a straight, lesbian, gay or trans man or woman and want to discover different nuances in your sexuality, we have what you need.

Check out our massage menu and choose, among others, the following: Melee, Thorani, Nuru, Kinnaree, Nirvana, Sunstra, Kulap, Prostatic, Kwak or any of them, two or four hands.

Open your mind, ask us for the massage of your dreams and find yourself with a world of pleasure that until now is unknown to you.

The answer is yes and no, since each massage has its variants. We can offer you interactive massages in which you can caress your masseuse in a guided way like Mutual massage or enjoy a total interaction as happens with the Nuru massage.

If you have doubts, contact us and we will advise you the most appropriate massage for you according to your preferences.

No, it is not necessary. You can come without prior notice unless you have preferences for one or a particular masseuse or you want a male or transsexual masseuse, in that case you must ask us for an appointment.

The term lingam refers to the penis and in Tantra it represents the fertilizing energy of God Shiva (man).

The yoni refers to the vagina and in Tantra it represents the fertilizing energy of the womb of Shakti (woman).

In Tantra art, both the yoni and lingam massage, refer to a professional massage given in these erogenous areas of the body in order to achieve ecstasy from sexual energy, through which the miracle of life occurs.

In other words, lingam and yoni massage include masturbatory techniques aimed at intensifying and prolonging orgasm to allow you to achieve unimaginable pleasure.

No. At our Tantra massage center in Barcelona we only offer lingam or yoni massages.

You have to keep in mind that neither the lingam massage nor the yoni are a proper masturbation in which orgasm is sought. But this comes as a natural and virtually inevitable consequence of sacred tantric massage.

You will find the prices in our massage menu. They depend on whether you ask for one or two massage therapists and also on the chosen massage.

Remember that in the rate we include, in addition to the massage, cava, chocolates, a sensual tantric atmosphere and 25 minutes for you to enjoy your total privacy. And if you want to stay longer in the room, you just have to ask us.

Of course! Tell us where you are and any of our spectacular masseuses will come to your meeting prepared with everything you need to turn the massage into a ritual full of magic and eroticism.

Do you want two massage therapists? We also put them at your disposal.

Enjoy a yoni massage in Barcelona or a lingam massage in Barcelona, without leaving the place where you are.

Our receptionists speak Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese and Russian.

Depending on the time you contact us, you will find receptionists who speak one or other languages. But if you need us to assist you in a specific one, you just have to request it so that we can contact you in that language as soon as possible.

Of course. Establishing good communication with you is one of our priorities.

We have massage therapists who speak several languages, among them you can ask us:

  • Massage therapists who speak Catalan.
  • Massage therapists who speak Spanish.
  • Massage therapists who speak Russian.
  • Massage therapists who speak African languages of Cape Verde.
  • Massage therapists who speak Portuguese.
  • Massage therapists who speak Arabic.
  • Massage therapists who speak Venezuelan Spanish.
  • Massage therapists who speak Colombian Spanish.
  • Massage therapists who speak Egyptian Arabic.
  • Women and trans masseuses who speak tai
  • Trans masseuses who speak Portuguese from Brazil

You can pay for our services in cash and if you prefer to pay by card or other currency, we will charge you an additional small fee.

Our massage center is absolutely private and discreet. You will never cross with other clients and only the receptionist and your massage therapist will see you.

Clear! We have extras and you can choose the one you want to add it to your favorite massage.

Complete your experience with a second ending, an erotic shower or a shisha to start. We invite you to visit our massage menu where you will find all the extras you can ask for.

Yes. We put at your disposal luxurious showers or bathtubs with shower gel and shampoo so you can wash before and after the massage. And at the end of the massage we will give you a hygiene kit that contains comb, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and peppermint candies, among others.

Our greatest desire is that you feel in an environment of total comfort and professionalism.

We love that you recommend us! If one of your friends arrives recommended by you and gives us your information, we will give you a 10% discount on your second visit.

Yes, the photos, taken by a professional photographer, are from our masseurs and are edited very lightly. Therefore, you can choose the one you like and recognize her perfectly when you see her.

Of course, don’t worry about that. Call us by phone or write to us and we will cancel your appointment or we will change it for the day you can attend.

Yes. We have a special room, more spacious and comfortable with the futon also more spacious so that both can feel comfortable.

A romantic setting will delight your stay in our center. Rose petals, heart-shaped balloons, red candles and endless ornaments that will provide a sensual and unique atmosphere to the massages received.

We add cava and chocolates so you can enjoy your meeting even more. At the end of the session, you will have 25 minutes to relive the tantric experience you have had in the most exclusive privacy.

Don’t worry! We are professionals. Once the initial nervousness passes you will live one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

Total relaxation, disconnection from the world, discovery of your unknown erogenous zones and one of the most intense orgasms you can imagine will make you want to repeat the experience.

Of course! Our center has convenient access for the disabled.

Effectively. Our massages are provided to everyone. They are designed for heterosexuals as well as transgenders, transsexuals, gays, lesbians or couples. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is.

We have a team of masseurs of the most varied genres in order to cover all audiences and to offer a unique tantric-erotic experience in Barcelona.

Of course. You can come with all the friends you want.

The lingam or yoni massage aims to stimulate your most sensitive erogenous zones. This results in your orgasm being delayed to the fullest and that the feelings you get are as intense and lasting as possible.

All our masseuses will be completely naked during the session. With the exception of the Body to Body massage in which they only go topless.

We differ widely from our competition. Since we not only offer tantric and erotic massages provided by professional masseurs, but we also take care of every detail so that you live an unforgettable experience.

Our dedication in attention, our neatness and a luxurious tantric atmosphere will make you want to repeat the experience.

From the moment you arrive until you leave, we will pamper you and assist you in a way that you will fall in love with our center. We have all the necessary ingredients to maximize your desires and drive you crazy with pleasure.


You can call us directly at Tel. +34 627077009 or follow the following link to the Contact Form to reserve a masseuse and a themed suite.