Have you not lived an erotic experience that brings passion to your life for a long time? Do you feel overwhelmed by the routine of day to day? If your answer is yes, then let us tell you about our Yoni massage in Barcelona. Life is not usually a field of oregano for anyone, but sitting and waiting for enriching and exciting experiences to come by themselves to knock on the door, it is not only a utopia but it represents a waste of precious time and impossible to recover. The inexhaustible magic of a Yoni massage will give you the possibility of meeting that sensual woman that hides within you and will bring out all those sensations that you thought were lost forever. The professionals of Tantra Massages Barcelona have at their fingertips that pleasure you need to renew your life and rediscover your sexuality.



A Yoni massage includes a combination of spirituality and tantric eroticism that will lead you to find yourself, through sexual pleasure, with your inner and Divine being. If you think you know everything about eroticism and spirituality, it is because you have not yet had the experience of receiving a Yoni tantric massage in our center.

Such a massage can only be enjoyed by women. And it is precisely that the word Yoni, which comes from Sanskrit and means “source of life”, refers specifically to the female massage.

Although at first glance it seems that it is a massage with a merely erotic component, the main objective of the Yoni massage is not that you reach orgasm. However, thanks to the discovery of your most intimate erogenous zones you will achieve an unprecedented ecstasy.

Communion with your sensual erotic masseur will make you free yourself from pressure and the typical anxiety produced by having to reach a climax. However, the benefits of an erotic massage performed with great delicacy and professionalism on your Yoni, will immerse you in a universe of pleasure from which climax is usually the inevitable side effect.

The climax resulting from a professional erotic massage is usually even much more intense than that obtained through regular sex. And the reason is, precisely, that you are not expecting it. By freeing your mind from mandatory objectives, the climax arises spontaneously, something that makes it much more pleasant and prolonged than you could have ever had.



One of the most common questions asked by clients of our massage center is, but how will I feel with a Yoni massage? It is normal that you want to know in advance what you will find once you have made the appointment and chosen the tantric masseur of your choice.

That is why we are going to tell you about the process of a Yoni erotic massage, step by step. 


In a wonderful tantric environment, with soft music, subtle light and scented candles, the masseur of your choice will ask you to undress and lie on your back with your legs spread.

Once you are comfortably lying on the tatami, your masseur will position himself between your legs in a lotus position or will put his legs on top of yours.

The Yoni massage has several phases in which your body will be caressed and massaged completely with a special lubricant. Some areas will give you more pleasure than others, but the main objective will be to achieve your complete surrender and relaxation.


In order that the energy is not cut off and the tantric massage achieves its objective, it is very important that you are aware of what your masseur will do. So it will need your consent and your good will.

One of the crucial phases of the Yoni massage is the moment when the erotic masseuse or masseur unfolds the flower of your Yoni. That is, when he accesses to stimulate the “goddess point”, also known as the G-spot.


Receiving a Yoni massage from a professional erotic masseur will bring you countless benefits in all areas of your life. To give you a better idea, we will mention ten of them: 1. It will help you keep your emotions balanced. 2. You will be able to face the day to day with more strength and less anxiety.  3. You will begin to recognize each erogenous zone of your body. 4. It will increase your sexual appetite. 5. A feeling of inexplicable positivity will arise in you. 6. Your labor production will be increased. 7. Little by little, you will begin to overcome past sexual trauma.  8. Your relationship with your partner will be renewed and stimulated. 9. You will find a harmony in your life that until then you did not know.  10. You will get in touch with your Divine essence. Do not wait more! Come and meet us and enjoy a Yoni massage in Barcelona. Choose one of our handsome masseurs and let yourself be carried away to paradise. Do you dare to free your mind of prejudices?


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