What would you tell us if we propose you a full nude massage, total interaction with the masseuse or masseur of your choice and an erotic shower so exciting that you will seem to be in the center of heaven itself? The sensual massage in Barcelona includes this and much more, since it is one of the most enigmatic and sensitive massages of all those on our menu. If you want to know the details that are part of the sensual massage, join us in this adventure full of pleasure and eroticism that will completely change your life.


You can think of sensual massage as a comprehensive experience, from which your body will go into relaxation and excitement mode at the same time. How is this possible? The sensual massage begins with a passionate erotic shower that will immediately introduce you to the spiritual world of Tantra and its primary goal: to slowly and libidinously arouse every part of your skin so that you free yourself from old schemes and taboos and you can find little little. with your true inner self. In the shower you will live with your masseuse a tantric rite that will be expressed through interactive caresses and, step by step, you will excite each other until you feel the need to go to the tatami or futon where the sensual massage in Barcelona will begin itself.



Remember that in the shower, your sculptural masseuse and you have already started a kind of erotic friction, caressing and touching that will have increased the sexual tension between you, so it will then take you to the place where the massage will begin.

Being both completely naked, your masseuse will ask you to lie comfortably on the tatami, futon or table and will begin to gently slide her hands over your entire body, providing you with a massage full of professionalism, eroticism and sensuality.

The sensual massage will begin with your feet and will go through each and every corner of your body. Then it will continue down your legs, thighs, chest, back, shoulders… until it reaches your head. It will stop there by relaxing all the muscles of the scalp and your face. Nothing will remain without being caressed by your expert erotic masseuse.

Do not forget that it is an interactive massage so, at the same time that her hands travel around your body, you can do the same with yours. It is time for you to give her the same pleasure that you are receiving, delighting yourself with her body and admiring her beauty.


One of the pluses of this massage is the prostate stimulation. Through prostatic stimulation, your masseuse will give you a sensation of unequaled pleasure. We must emphasize that all our masseurs, whether they are girls, boys or transsexuals, are authentic professionals who will know how to find your most sensitive areas to produce indescribable sensations throughout your body.

During the massage, the professional will teach you some tantric positions that will excite you even more than you already are. It will be that precise point that will take you to the brink of climax. When you can’t take it anymore and you feel that climax is inevitable, your masseuse will offer you a Lingam or a Yoni, depending on whether you are a man or a woman, that you will not be able to forget in your life.

Something that we do not want and cannot fail to highlight is the atmosphere of the suite in which you will receive the massage. Among the options that you can choose, you will find rooms for all tastes. We suggest you choose the one that has eroticized you the most. In any case, all the rooms are luxuriously set in the best tantric style. Decorated with scented candles, strategically positioned mirrors to visually excite you, soft music and everything in dim light.



● The erotic shower and the hands of your masseuse will lead you to the total relaxation of each muscle of your skin.

● Double stimulation will take you to an intense climax like you have never experienced.

● With our sensual massages in Barcelona you will discover areas of your body that you thought were insensitive or asleep forever.

● Tantric will free you from deeply ingrained sexual taboos. 

● By feeling full about yourself, your self-esteem will also start to increase. 

● With higher self-esteem, your personal and work relationships will improve. 

● Thanks to the professional stimulation of every corner of your body you will feel a great improvement in the skin.

● Your face will look fresher and younger.

● Your quality of life will be increased in each and every one of its aspects.

● Through the magic of Tantra you will come to feel the proximity of the Divine being that inhabits you.

In short, in our Barcelona sensual massage center you will be able to recover those sensations of eroticism and personal well-being that you thought were lost forever.

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