The name says it all. And it is that receiving a sensitive massage in Barcelona can be transformed into an experience as magical as it is exciting. It is an exquisite session through which all your sensations, those that you know and those that you have yet to discover, will emerge like a spring from the hands of your masseuse to your skin. This exciting sensitive massage is a true adventure of mystery and pleasure that includes kisses, caresses, rubbing and touching in your most intimate parts. Without forgetting that you can enjoy the sensations caused by an ice massage or a feather massage.


In our Tantra Massage Barcelona center we have professional erotic masseurs of both sexes, ready to fulfill any of your fantasies. And, precisely, sensitive massage has very special and ideal characteristics for it. Once you are comfortably lying on the stretcher, futon or tatami, your masseuse will put a mask on you and, from that moment on you will begin to perceive only the touch of her hands. Being deprived of the sense of sight, the sensation emanating from each touch, from each caress, will multiply by a thousand and when you want to realize it you will be immersed in the paradise of eroticism on Earth. An added option, if you wish, is for him to tie you gently to force you to remain motionless and only have to dedicate yourself to feeling. This is a sensitive massage in Barcelona: a universe full of wonderful perceptions as new as they are intense.



An integral sensitive massage in our center consists of several phases, and which of them is more enveloping and exciting.

The first phase unfolds with a provocative striptease from your masseuse and the temperature of both of you will begin to rise as your arousal reaches every pore of your skin.

You will live the next step in an erotic shower and it is at that precise moment that contact with the body of your sculptural erotic masseuse will begin.

After the shower is finished, the sensitive massage itself will begin.

The masseuse of your choice will gently tie your hands to prevent you from moving, and then she will put a dark blindfold or mask to prevent your vision.

The imagination will go, little by little, taking control and suddenly you will feel in a world of overwhelming pleasure that, when you want to realize it, will have taken you to the peak of ecstasy. And it is that the sensitive tantric massage has as its main objective that you can be yourself in essence. From pleasure you will come to connect with the Divine part that is in you.

The key to this massage is to bring your sense of touch and the sensation of the unexpected to full power. You’ll never know what your statuesque masseuse’s next move will be. A feather that caresses your face? Some lips that brush your neck unexpectedly? Or an ice cube that slides down your back? It is even possible that you can feel her tongue licking some edible oil that she has spread on your chest. Who knows what you will find?

It is about the mystery and the excitement made massage within an erotic game before which nobody can be indifferent.

Can you call us and check it out from your own experience?

Did we tell you that we can also take this massage to your home or to the hotel in Barcelona where you are staying? With the sensitive massage at home you will enjoy all the advantages of a session in our sensitive massage center plus the comfort and privacy that you can only enjoy in your own home.

You should know that a session includes two ways to relax. And in both you can live Tantra in its pure state. And if all this were not enough, when the massage is finished you will receive an unforgettable surprise.

Our goal is that you feel cared for, pampered and cared for at all times. We guarantee that for the duration of the session you will feel like a true king.


Sensitive massage will give you a host of intense and exciting sensations, but its benefits go far beyond that. Here we list just some of them: ● It will allow you to escape the routine and renew your life. ● You will feel in an environment surrounded by attention and pampering, something that will increase your self-esteem and allow you to face life with greater strength. ● Stress caused by work or personal reasons will disappear as if by magic. ● Your muscles will be renewed by losing all their accumulated tension.  ● Your skin will be rid of impurities and it will look much brighter and silkier.  ● The excitement of the massage combined with the magic and spirituality of Tantra will allow you to reconnect with your inner being. Sensitive massage in Barcelona includes, among other things: ● Full nude, yours and your masseuse ● Interactivity with the body of your masseuse. ● Erotic shower. ● Hot and cold games. ● Edible massage oil. ● Pearls, masks, feathers, ice … ● Fetish accessories. ● Double relaxation and an incredible surprise ending. Do you dare to call us now to live an authentic adventure full of sensuality and eroticism?


You can call us directly at Tel. +34 627077009 or follow the following link to the Contact Form to reserve a masseuse and a themed suite.