Are you ready to turn a refreshing Nuru massage in Barcelona into one of the most exciting experiences of your life?


If you came this far wondering what Nuru is, you should know that it is a hypoallergenic Asian gel with powerful nutritional qualities. This gel has the great virtue of having no taste or odor and, as it is made from water, it does not stain the body or clothing. Its slippery consistency makes it the ideal lotion to be used in all types of massages and especially in erotic massages. Thanks to its sliding properties and its consistency, the Nuru massage gel has, unlike other lubricants such as creams or oils, a greater effectiveness in body-to-body massage.


It is an erotic massage with oriental roots that, due to its charm and uniqueness, has become one of the stars of our Tantra Massages Barcelona center. Nuru means “smooth and slippery.” Nuru massage is, specifically, a Japanese erotic massage technique that has its origin in the city of Kawasaki. This technique consists of both masseuse and massaged being completely naked and their bodies have been previously lubricated with this gel.



Next we will tell you the Nuru massage technique step by step, as we carry it out in our Tantra Massages Barcelona center.

Once you meet the masseuse of your choice in the suite that you have agreed upon, they will ask you to completely undress and lie down on the futon or tatami. Suddenly you will find yourself in the middle of a majestic tantric environment, surrounded by scented candles, in dim light and with music so soft and relaxing that it will make you feel that you are in another world.

Once your masseuse has completely shed her clothes, she will spread the Nuru gel on your body and, using a gentle caress with her hands, she will begin to smear every corner of your skin.

This is when the body-to-body massage itself will begin; a sensual dance where both bodies will initiate an erotic connection impossible to describe in words. Contact with the body of your masseuse will give you unspeakable pleasure. You will feel how both bodies slide over each other over and over again, without rest, resulting in an extremely stimulating warmth and arousal.

An erotic Nuru massage will also produce an indescribably fresh sensation on all your skin. But, above all, you will enter a state of relaxation such that it will lead you to an unequaled mental and spiritual well-being.

It is a massage full of fun and eroticism through which the permanent contact with the body of your masseuse, the sliding and the friction between both bodies will take you directly to paradise.

Any of the erotic masseuses at Tantra Massages Barcelona are educated and friendly professionals who will try to make you feel comfortable at all times. They will treat you with the utmost respect and you can trust them to share any thoughts or feelings you wish to express. You have to bear in mind that, like any tantric massage, the Nuru massage is not intended for you to reach orgasm.

When the body-to-body massage comes to an end, your masseuse will have a surprise prepared for you that will leave you wishing that the session never ends.



The Nuru erotic massage, like any other massage on our menu, has important benefits on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. But in addition, you have to add the benefit of the Nuru gel properties, both moisturizing and nourishing.

Among some of the benefits, we can mention the following:

● The rapport you will reach with your masseuse will make you completely forget about the outside world.

● You will release all the mental and physical stress with which you have arrived at our center. 

● Every pore on your body will open and receive the nourishing properties of Nuru gel. 

● The excitement of the body to body massage will put you on the verge of climax. 

● You will see your life from another perspective and it is possible that after having received the massage, you feel the need to make major changes to it. 

● Sexual pleasure will act as a connection with your inner being and will bring you closer to your Divine essence.

● When the massage is finished and you go out into the outside world, you will have the feeling of having been inside a dream.

The Nuru massage includes:

● Nuru Gel.

● Possibility of choosing the masseuse that you like the most. 

● A tantric atmosphere in the suite of your choice.

● Full nude, both yours and your masseuse.

● A total interaction between both bodies.

● Tantric postures.

● Sensitive Yoni for women.

● Sensitive Lingam for man.

At the end of the Nuru massage you can rest for a few minutes in an environment of complete silence and relaxation to make the most of all the properties of the Nuru gel.

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