What is sploshing and how is it practiced?

Each person is a world and in that world there can be an infinite number of erotic practices that cause extremely pleasant sensations. Among them we can mention the filias, the fetishes and the paraphilias.

Sploshing is a sexual practice that is related to food and the pleasure of smearing the body with it. The main objective is to be smeared and “eaten” or spread to another person and “eat”.

The name of this fetish comes from the British magazine Splosh that showed women with their bodies smeared with food as an erotic claim. This magazine only remained on the market for two years, from 1989 to 2001, however it has left an indelible legacy in this increasingly widespread erotic practice.

What exactly is sploshing?

Sploshing consists of being smeared or smearing the naked body of another with any type of food, creams, edible gels or beverages. Foods that in contact with the body melt and slide on it are especially used. The purpose of sploshing is, of course, to provide mutual sexual pleasure.

In short, sploshing consists of transforming a person’s body into a meal itself.

Basically it is a practice that is part of the WAM fetish group, also known as “wet and dirty”. WAM is a form of sexuality from which arousal is achieved by applying large amounts of inedible products to bare skin. Foods such as lubricating oils for machinery, shaving foam, mud, etc. are used.

Unlike WAM, sploshing only uses edible products and has numerous variants that range from eating on the other’s body to destroying the food on it.

The pleasure of eating and being eaten

There is another sexual practice called bodypainting that implies a principle similar to sploshing.

Bodypainting in its erotic aspect consists of drawing with strawberry or chocolate syrup sauce on the body of your partner or playmate and then licking it methodically following the drawing.

Like sploshing, most of these fetishes not only aim to spill food “without realizing it” on your partner or for her to spill it on you, but also to do it in a dirty way. This modality is part of some BDSM practices, in which before feeding someone, their hands are tied and their eyes are blindfolded so that it becomes a highly sensitive erotic practice.

Sploshing and its various modalities

Another fetish with similar characteristics is the bodysushi. This is a lighter version of sploshing. Unlike this, which transforms the person into a meal in itself, in bodysushi you must turn your sexual partner into the plate on which you have to serve the food. The “food” has to remain still and patiently waiting to be licked and eaten.

As we have already mentioned before, any type of food is used to practice sploshing: milk, wine, ice cream, cocoa cream, the limit is in your imagination. And, of course, you don’t need to have a sexual companion to carry out this fetish, you can do it alone while smearing your own body with food.

A variant of sploshing is to sit on top of food. Cream tarts are commonly used because they are easier to crush. If you are attracted to this form of sexuality, the pleasure you will feel while the cake is wetting your underwear, brushing against your genitals and running all over your body as you lick your fingers, it’s impossible to describe in words.

Does sploshing have any risk?

The only risk to assess is that the food to be used is not in good condition or is difficult to digest. Likewise, it is advisable not to use aggressive foods to avoid irritations or infections in the genital area. A thorough cleaning of the hands and body at the end is absolutely essential.

Of course, as in all kinds of practices other than traditional ones, both members of the couple must agree. In addition, they must be careful to choose a site with total privacy. Remember that at the end of the game it is time to clean the used space. In case you choose to do it in the bathtub it is important to collect the remaining food well to avoid clogging in the pipes.

And you, have you ever practiced sploshing? Did you like the experience? Leave us your comments.

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