Mindful Sex: what is it and how can it improve your life?

Mindful Sex: what is it and how can it improve your life?

Have you heard about Mindful Sex and you still don’t know what it means or how it can improve many aspects of your life?

If we have hit the nail on the head, read on! because today we will tell you everything, including what many do not dare to reveal about this new technique that could be considered the younger sister of erotic Tantra.

What is Mindful Sex?

It is well known that having a satisfactory sexual life greatly helps to achieve emotional well-being that allows us to live as fully as possible.

And it is that as a general rule we relate sexual relations with mere physical pleasure, however sex is much more than that, since it influences all aspects of our lives and is an essential factor to increase our battered self-esteem.

We live in a society in which the idealization of sex causes expectations that are far removed from reality. This means that those who do not enjoy a full sexual life or have the bad luck to live negative experiences experience it as a source of suffering and a feeling of guilt.

From these counterproductive emotions a new movement arises that acts as a tool to live the here and now of sex, moving us away from prejudice and self-pity.

This movement is called Mindful Sex and is also known as Sexual Mindfulness.

When we lose the flow in bed…

When sex flows between you and your partner, it becomes a very pleasant experience, right? You are immersed in a situation in which the breath of both synchronizes, time stops and you get to enjoy the moment without even thinking about it.

We have just described the maximum expression of Mindfulness, also known as Full Attention, a concept that is becoming very popular in the field of modern psychology and that refers to being present in “the here and now”.

In Mindfulness the level of concentration is so high that each sensation and each emotion is experienced in the purest way possible. Without thinking about them, without judging them. The inconvenience appears when we lose that naturalness and let day-to-day concerns enter our sexual life.

It is when we let anxiety, temporary concerns, prejudices and taboos or negative thoughts enter our bed, that sexual problems begin to appear.

And what to do so that this does not happen? Well, you will almost certainly find the answer in Mindful Sex.

Mindful Sex, what benefits does it bring to our lives?

Surely you have already realized the deep relationship that Mindful Sex has with Tantra. And it is that in many aspects this movement drinks from the waters of this ancient philosophy. They are so similar that Mindfulness is often confused with tantric meditation, but they are not exactly the same.

Among the multiple benefits that Mindful Sex offers to your life, we can highlight the following:

● It can help improve your sexual experience, in such a way that it will have a high impact on your well-being and that of your partner.

● Generates spaces of deep intimacy with the other.

● Increases the sensation of pleasure in orgasm and improves self-esteem.

● Removes taboos in sex and allows you to explore it in the most varied ways.

 ● It can be used as a way to address a damaged sexuality.

● Creates healthy habits of mind by constantly urging yourself to live in the present.

● Allows you to directly relate to your own emotions.

● It becomes a good way to stop before the wonders of life in a world where the power of immediacy reigns.

● Allows the development of full awareness and eliminates the need to judge the other.

● Avoids repetitive negative thoughts.

● It offers a more objective perspective of situations, allowing you to enjoy more realistic experiences.

● Reduces anxiety and stress and fights insomnia.

● Improves concentration and memory.

● Increases productivity in sport and in the workplace.

● Helps build healthier and more positive relationships.

And best of all, Mindful Sex can be learned through training that simply involves paying full attention to your sexuality.

What other benefits can you think of that Mindful Sex could have applied to your daily life?

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