Tantric sex and its psychological benefits

Tantric sex and its psychological benefits

If you are a regular follower of our articles, you will know that tantric sex is a practice closely linked to Buddhism and meditation, and the objective of which is to increase sexual pleasure to imaginable limits.

And how is this increased pleasure achieved? It is achieved through personal self-knowledge and intimate connection with your partner.

Today we are going to talk to you about tantric sex and the emotional, mental and physical connections that are established thanks to its practice. Our intention is that you get to have a wonderful sexual experience that transcends the limits of the known.

Tantric sex and reality

The foundation of tantric sex is to help us feel completely connected to our here and now. And Tantra specifically, aims to make us more aware of everything around us, as well as our interior and every corner of our body.

This is the way that this ancient technique, like meditation, has to promote in each of us a series of psychological benefits the scope of which goes far beyond the pleasures that our partner offers us in bed.

Before delving into the benefits of tantric sex, it is important to clarify that one of its main objectives is to lead us to self-exploration of our body. Therefore, we must not forget about tantric masturbation the goal of which is to unleash the Divine consciousness through the knowledge of ourselves.

Psychological benefits of tantric sex

1. Intimacy, interaction and communication

As is well known, the ultimate goal of tantric sex is not orgasm, quite the contrary, the climax takes a back seat to give way to slow kisses and caresses in order to get closer much more intimately, both to the other like ourselves. A good example of this is tantric massage or tantric masturbation.

Experiencing sex from the tantric point of view means achieving greater intimacy and an unparalleled connection with our partner.

2. Live in the here and now

We are used to experiencing sex as a space of pleasure that culminates in the explosion of an orgasm.

However, we rarely consider that, in addition to physical pleasure, Tantra gives sex the ability to expand our state of consciousness through enjoying the experience in the present moment. Living the here and now at the very moment that pleasure occurs, expands it to unimaginable limits.

3. Increases arousal and unleashes libido

Because tantric sex does not seek orgasm itself but invites us to enjoy every moment, it allows sex with greater freedom. This freedom translates into an increase in desire and a noticeable improvement in female lubrication.

In this sense, it also increases the feeling of empowerment and self-esteem, especially in those men and women who have a negative image of their own body. A heightened state of awareness is the first step in unleashing our deepest desires and allows us to establish a greater connection with our partner.

4. Break down our emotional barriers

A huge number of sexual blocks have their origin in negative emotional experiences lived in the past. Even in experiences that we are not even aware of.

In this order of things, tantric sex helps to intensify the spiritual connections between the couple and thus contributes to healing those emotional traumas that prevent us from living and enjoying the sexual experience fully.

Tips for practicing incredible tantric sex

Desire and be desired: the philosophy of Tantra highly values ​​feminine qualities: sensitivity, tenderness, attention, softness… Put these qualities into practice with your partner, showing a receptive attitude. Be aware of who you have by your side and admire their beauty. Make the other feel wanted.

Eye contact: establish a sustained eye contact, immerse yourself in the contemplation of their body and their face. Listen to the other with your five senses, look into their eyes and both keep an attentive look to decipher your deepest feelings. This is a wonderful way to emotionally strip yourselves.

Flow: if both of you manage to maintain a harmonious movement during the sexual act, you will come to match the rhythm and sexual energy to transmit your deepest and most intimate emotions and desires without words.

Breathing control: an excellent exercise to synchronize your breathing rhythms is to close your eyes, naked, facing each other. First, each one has to connect with their own breathing and then with that of their partner.

Have you felt that some of this advice was directly addressed to you? That means that your inner being is crying out for you to abandon traditional sex to immerse yourself in the honeys of tantric sex.

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