Erotophobia: what is it and how to overcome the phobia of sex

Erotophobia: what is it and how to overcome the phobia of sex

Have you lost desire and find yourself making excuses every time your partner seeks you out sexually? Do you feel fear when you think about having intimate relationships? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be going through a period of erotophobia.

The truth is that there are many phobias, such as heights, large crowds or closed spaces. However, we are used to these fears and perceive them as something normal. But when talking about sex phobia, many people find it somewhat unlikely.

Is it possible to be afraid of having sex? The answer is yes, it is entirely possible.

What is erotophobia?

Let’s start from the beginning. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder and it is an intense irrational fear of something that does not actually represent any type of danger.

And within the phobias we find erotophobia. This phobia appears little by little due to the lack of self-esteem and the unrealistic expectations that someone forms about what a sexual relationship should be like. These failed expectations begin to cause insecurities and gradually create a phobia of sex.

How does erotophobia manifest?

Erotophobia develops in an underlying way and comes to light when least expected.

It usually manifests itself initially in the form of boredom at the idea of ​​having sex. Then feelings of discomfort and revulsion arise and, above all, a great desire to escape from the situation. It may happen that someone who has a phobia of sex avoids having a partner.

Erotophobia is more related to intimacy than to the sexual act itself. In fact, someone who suffers from this irrational fear feels sexual desire and pleasure when masturbating, but his problem begins when he has to have intimate relations with another person.

How to overcome the phobia of sex?

Although it may seem impossible to someone who suffers from sex phobia, there are ways to overcome this fear. Although it is important to emphasize that it is not something that can be overcome overnight. It will be necessary to use yourself thoroughly with desire, patience and effort.

Do you have erotophobia? Here are some helpful tips to get you through it.

● Learn to relax

If your body is not relaxed it is impossible to enjoy a sexual relationship. In this aspect, tantric sex can become a fabulous help for you.

Go little by little freeing yourself from tensions, from prejudices, start paying attention to the caresses of the other person, to the touch of their body and each one of the sensations will be a miraculous therapy to overcome any type of fear of sex. Let go and flow!

And not to mention if one day you decide to put yourself in the hands of our professional tantric masseurs, girls or boys. You will be able to discover that sex is a wonder that you cannot afford to lose.

● Outside expectations

And here again we have to value Tantra as a technique to free you from any type of expectation and goal to achieve.

The errotic Tantra never seeks orgasm as a final goal, but its sole purpose is to turn sex into an adventure full of pleasure, a path of communication with the other and of union with our Divine part.

On the other hand, if you have never had a sexual encounter, you might be afraid that it will hurt. The experiences your friends have had do not have to be considered as absolute truths.

In these cases it is very important that you look for information outside your environment. A professional sexologist can answer all your questions and remove a large part of your fears.

● Get your worries out of bed

Everyday worries, rushing, and anxiety can keep you from wanting to have sex with other people.

Sex should never become an obligation like the ones you have in your day to day life. It should never be a mechanical act and full of fears for not feeling capable of meeting certain objectives.

Find a place and a day where no one can interrupt you and make love with someone special in a calm way and leaving out any daily concerns.

The rush of everyday life, stress or anxiety can make having sex mechanical, full of fears that prevent us from savoring the moment. Therefore, maintaining relationships slowly and calmly is a great option.

In short, facing our own fears can be painful, but once you’ve taken the first step, you’ll be able to see how that fear of sex gradually fades until it gives way to a life full of eroticism and pleasure.

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