Dominant or submissive? We help you discover your sexual personality

Dominant or submissive? We help you discover your sexual personality

Have you ever been turned on by feeling like your partner’s master or slave? Do you really know if you are dominant or submissive?

Domination and submission (D/s) games are a wonderful and exciting way of discovering our sexuality and rediscovering sex itself. However, it is not easy to understand by those who do not practice them.

It is true that it is quite simple to identify with the excitement caused by light spanking, but… what is behind the practices that use whips and latex suits designed to humiliate and feel humiliated in private or in public? Is it so easy to understand the eroticism behind this?

And it is that labeling yourself lightly is never easy and most of the time it carries negative connotations. That is why throughout this article we are going to ask you some revealing questions that will allow you to know the main characteristics of a dominant and a submissive so that you can identify with them and decide in which category you include yourself.

Shall we meet them together?

Reasons why we are dominant or submissive

It is not possible to find a single reason that explains why we feel more attracted to one or another practice. And what happens is that there are as many reasons as there are people who identify with submission or domination.

Curiously, when it comes to dominant or submissive sex, it has nothing to do with our real personality, the one with which we relate on a day-to-day basis. There are, for example, those who occupy positions of great responsibility in their work and are inclined to a submissive sexuality in order to rest.

Likewise, there are those who have lived through traumatic experiences in their childhood, with a dominant mother, for example, and they get excited by reproducing them. There are also those who occupy positions of submission in their daily lives and therefore a dominant sex in which they feel powerful offers them an escape from their routine and their frustrations.

The truth is that whoever has finally accepted that they enjoy domination or submission, has traveled a long road of courage, identification, personal recognition and communication to get there. As if for you to understand it better, accepting in front of your partner and communicating this inclination is very similar to “coming out” for a homosexual person.

And what we can say is that D/s practices cause levels of excitement that can reach an intensity unknown to lovers of vanilla sex.

Are you dominant, submissive or a mixture of both?

Both submissive and dominant are an essential part of the relationship for it to work.

Next, we will ask you some questions that will allow you to know the most predominant characteristics in the submissive and the dominant.

Which of them do you identify with?

● Dominant personality

If you answer yes to most of these questions, it is very likely that you have a dominant sexual personality.

1. Are you the one who always takes the first step to have sex and takes the reins of the relationship in each encounter?

2. Do you talk openly about sex in public and openly tell what you like in bed?

3. Are you habitually controlling in your sexual relationships?

4. Do you like to choose the postures and ask the other what you want at every moment?

5. Are your favorite postures the ones in which you can be in control of the situation?

● Submissive personality

If you answer yes to most of these questions, it is very likely that you have a submissive sexual personality.

1. Do you enjoy sex more if you are guided in your intimacy than if you have to take the reins?

2. Do you prefer your partner to set the tone for foreplay? 

3. Do you rarely take the initiative in sex and are you generally passive?

4. Do you think a lot before having sex and rarely come to sex on impulse?

5. Do you prefer positions in which your partner is in control?

As you have seen, we have given you the most relevant characteristics of dominant and submissive personalities. However, as we said at the beginning, not everything in life is usually black or white. In addition to these well-marked and decisive sexual personalities, there are others that include both. These people are excited to switch roles and do not strictly conform to any of the aforementioned stereotypes.

And you, with which of these sexual personalities do you identify? Describe yourself in the comments and let us get to know you better!

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