Squirt: The 7 keys to female ejaculation

Squirt: The 7 keys to female ejaculation


The complicated art of female sexual pleasure has always been an object of concern for many people. From this, studies began to abound and thanks to this a new practice has begun to take a leading role, we are talking about squirt. And it must be said, it was the porn industry that put squirting in the spotlight.

Not many years ago, masturbation was considered an exclusively male practice, fortunately this topic is no longer taboo and no one can deny that women also practice it regularly. And precisely, the squirt is a technique that comes from the hand of female masturbation.

Today we are going to tell you what squirting is and we will give you the essential keys to achieve it.

What is squirt?

Before getting into the matter, we must know that there are two different types of female ejaculation:

The typical ejaculation: is the one through which a small amount of whitish and translucent liquid is expelled. It is the most common and goes practically unnoticed.

Jet ejaculation or squirt: is the one that is expelled in large quantities of ejaculatory fluid.

It is this second type that has given rise to the debate about the fantastic world of possibilities offered by the female body.

Like typical ejaculation, squirt ejaculation depends on a type of gland called “Skene’s glands“, which are located on the sides of the urethra, very close to the entrance of the vulva or vagina. These are the glands responsible for generating the aforementioned whitish liquid that arises after sexual arousal and leads to female ejaculation.

Due to the fact that the size of the glands varies depending on each woman, not all of them can ejaculate in squirt. If the glands are small, the fluid is likely to stay inside the vagina instead of gushing out.

How to know if you can ejaculate in squirt?

To be able to check if you can ejaculate in squirt you have to have a lot of patience to explore and experiment with your body.

In order to help you in this task, we have gathered for you the ten main keys so that you can achieve it.

The 7 keys to achieving wonderful squirting


1. Physical and mental relaxation

Being at peace with oneself is an essential condition to achieve orgasm. Impatience is the worst enemy of squirting. Forget about taboos and social conventions and when you’re masturbating, be yourself.

2. Let yourself be carried away by your sensations

It is common for us to focus so much on the goal we want to achieve that we forget to enjoy the journey. Let yourself be guided by your sensations and take advantage of even the most insignificant to get to know your body.

3. Excitement at the highest level

The preliminaries are essential to reach an orgasm with squirt. So caresses, kisses and a good tantric massage together with the appropriate relaxation techniques mentioned in the first key, will do wonders for your body and prepare it to reach the long-awaited ecstasy.

If you are alone, you don’t have to worry, you can also caress every corner of your body, fantasize and enjoy the preliminaries with yourself.

4. Use of lubricant

Before initiating stimulation, it is of fundamental importance to hydrate the vagina with a water-based lubricant. With your erogenous zones well lubricated, any touch will be much more exciting and your pleasure will increase to incredible limits.

5. Clitoral stimulation

A perfect stimulation of the clitoris must combine circular movements with ascending and descending movements. In addition, it is necessary to vary pressure and speed. Your own body will be the one that guides you through the sea of ​​your sensations until you reach the climax.

You can help yourself with sex toys, but be careful not to overstimulate your clitoris, you don’t want a quick orgasm but an intense and prolonged one.

6. G-spot

Very gently stimulating the G-spot area, which is located inside the vagina, very close to the clitoris, is decisive. You will recognize this area by its curved shape.

You have to press lightly in circles, varying speed and intensity intermittently. These movements will increase the pressure on the Skene’s glands which, as you know, are responsible for producing female ejaculation.

The double stimulation with the thumb to continue rubbing the clitoris from the outside can help you enormously.

7. Penetration

The ideal penetration for a squirting is the one that is done with the fingers or with an erotic toy. Relax your pelvis, open your legs and use your middle and ring fingers. We advise you to elevate your hips with a pillow to be more comfortable.

As you feel more and more excited, move your pelvis forward and squeeze your buttocks. In this way the muscles will contract and the pleasure will increase. This is the point where, if physically nothing stops you, squirting is about to come.

It is very possible that during this process you feel like urinating, perfect! That means you’re on the right track and orgasm is close. Continue without worrying, remain relaxed and without stopping the movements.

Finally, remember that you can experience these keys alone or with your partner, the most important thing is that you never forget to give free rein to your own pleasure.

Have you had any experience with squirting? Share it with us in the comments!

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