7 secrets to enjoy oral sex much more

7 secrets to enjoy oral sex much more

Although it is one of the most common sexual practices among couples, oral sex is not always as pleasurable as when we fantasize about it. And this may be because, although we think we know everything about it, we do not take into account some of its little secrets.

Oral sex is not about providing pleasure at the cost of turning it into work. Many people gag or end up with a sore jaw after fellatio. And not to mention those who end up choking on the hairs of the vagina while they are licking it.

Is that pleasant? Of course not!

Because we know how important it is for you to enjoy oral sex much more than you have been doing so far, we are going to reveal the best kept secrets of our tantric masseur girls and boys.

Can you come with us?

The 5 best kept secrets of oral sex

Whether you’re up or down, the key to fully enjoying oral sex is that you not only find it pleasurable, but also that you don’t reach a point where the very touch that’s meant to give you pleasure is uncomfortable.

Even the one who is providing oral sex does not have to limit himself to stroking with the tongue or slurping like there is no tomorrow. In fact, there are many occasions when we forget that both members of the couple have to have a great time.

Let’s see, next, what are the five secrets of oral sex that will take you both directly to nirvana.

1. Cleanliness above all

It is well known that personal hygiene is one of the essential conditions for most people to enjoy sex. Especially oral sex.

Perhaps you have never taken it into account, but what you eat before having sex greatly influences the smell that your body gives off. No fat or spicy foods. And the onion is prohibited!

A couple’s shower before starting is usually a highly erotic preliminary. 

2. Find a comfortable position

If the one who receives the pleasure is not in a position that is comfortable for him, he will not reach orgasm or it will take longer to do so. At the same time, if the provider maintains an uncomfortable posture, he will not be able to offer a positive experience since he will be dominated by anxiety and the need to finish as soon as possible.

If you are going to have oral sex on your knees, try to get a comfortable cushion so that your knees and neck do not suffer. In addition, it is important that you change positions frequently.

3. Express with words or moans how much you are enjoying

Everyone likes to feel like they’re doing well, and not only do they like it, but it excites them to know it. You cannot imagine the change that it means for your partner to perceive how much you are enjoying feeling his mouth on your genitals.

What has been said above leads us to the fact that, if you are the one receiving oral sex, do not remain silent, moan, sigh, speak, make sounds with saliva and with your tongue, caress. In short, express yourself as much as you can and let the other know how much you are enjoying it.

Oh, aren’t you enjoying it? Also say it with soft and sweet words, and guide his mouth in the right direction. It’s not about pretending!

4. Caresses, caresses and caresses

Although it is oral sex, we must never forget that with our hands we are capable of working miracles.

Caressing your partner’s head, face, breasts, thighs, vagina, testicles, prostate or around the genital area, as the case may be, will help you extend the pleasure of oral sex beyond the imaginable limits.

5. Hair removal? Indispensable!

Waxing becomes an essential activity when it comes to fellatio or cunnilingus. Who has not had it happen to them in the act of oral sex to have to be extracting a pubic hair from between their teeth?

There is nothing less erotic, right? Well, in hair removal, whether you are a man or a woman, you will find the solution.

Do not hesitate, these five tips will transform oral sex into an incredible pleasure for both of you. And you, can you think of any other tactic that can increase the pleasure of oral sex?

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