7 keys that will help you reach orgasm

Do you have difficulties reaching orgasm? Do you feel like you’re ready, but finally you can’t get that long-awaited climax? Or perhaps it is that you still do not know the honeys of living an orgasm in your own body?

If you have felt identified when reading any of these questions, then this article is written for you! Keep reading and at the end you will have in your possession the keys you need to reach orgasm in a full, natural and satisfactory way.

The Orgasm Gap

Today it seems incredible to us, but the truth is that it has taken many decades for women to be convinced that they have the same right as men to enjoy orgasms during sexual intercourse or even to know that they have the same right that them to masturbate to get them.

When we talk about the orgasm gap or orgasmic gap, we are referring to the fact that women have much fewer orgasms than men when they have sex with them.

And it is that men have orgasms in practically all their sexual relations, but in the case of women it is not like that. The overwhelming reality is that the frequency with which they reach orgasm during a relationship is minimal and many never do.

However, this is not related to the female anatomy but has to do with social and cultural stigmas. Women have been educated for decades in a very different way from men. We leave here the promise that in a future article we will talk more in depth about this delicate topic.

7 secrets that will help you reach orgasm

As you can imagine, our tantric masseur girls and boys are experts in techniques designed to achieve female orgasm. Here we will tell you some of its best kept secrets.

1. Know your body and your mind

Masturbation is the best teacher so you can know how far you can go, what you like and what you dislike in bed. Erotic toys are also a great help to get to know yourself.

Once you know your body in depth, you will be able to lead your partner along the path of what excites you the most.

2. Relax and don’t obsess

It is very important that you let yourself go and enjoy sex without stress. Leave your fears, insecurities and expectations out of the room, close the door and let your mind fly and be filled with erotic fantasies that really turn you on.

3. Positions that favor orgasm

There are certain positions that favor the ability to reach orgasm. These are postures that help indirect stimulation of the clitoris. One of the simplest is the position in which the woman stands on top of her partner and performs rotating movements on his penis.

4. Correct stimulation

The climax does not come by itself or by magic. Before being able to have an orgasm, it is essential that as a woman you are stimulated both physically and mentally.

Kisses, caresses, erotic words, everything contributes so that you can immerse yourself in an ideal state in which the orgasm is simmering. Without all of this, of course it is impossible to have one!

It is very important that the clitoris is stimulated little by little, indirectly, raising and lowering the intensity of the stimulus, changing the way it is caressed. First in circles around the edges and then with caresses that go from top to bottom and horizontally. In this way the pleasure will increase and the orgasm will be inevitable.

5. Fantasies, fantasies and fantasies

Without a doubt, the brain is the most powerful sexual organ and therefore the main tool that will help you achieve orgasm is your imagination.

When you are in the middle of the sexual act, fantasize about what excites you the most, being with two men? with a man and a woman? with another woman? Let your imagination fly and don’t put limits on your fantasies!

6. Erotic toys

Having an erotic toy at hand never hurts when the excitement reaches a peak and you need a little push. It is also useful if what we want is to get out of the routine and give the relationship a plus.

There are sex toys of all kinds, surely among the enormous variety that you can find today, you will find the perfect one for you and your partner.

7. Full confidence

None of the above keys will do you any good if you don’t have blind trust in your partner. Forget about reaching an orgasm if you don’t first achieve total and complete relaxation, physical and mental, in order to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Also, both of you have to have the same goal in mind: to reach orgasm. If this is so, leave all your prejudices behind, dedicate yourself to yourself, and go for that unforgettable orgasm!

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