Masaje íntimo para mujeres: los 6 grandes beneficios

Intimate massage for women: the 6 great benefits

Much is said about intimate massage for men. However, it is much less common to read about the benefits of intimate massage for women.

The reason? We could use many, but one of the most probable is that the subject of erotic massages given only to women, even in the times of freedom in which we live, is still considered a taboo.

Throughout this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know to understand why an erotic massage can light up your life and what are the main benefits you will get if you dare to try them.

What is an intimate massage for women?

We could, of course, write a whole book on intimate female massage, but this is not the main objective of this article. So we are going to briefly describe what it consists of before entering the topic of the benefits themselves.

Tantric erotic massage or intimate female massage is born from the need of women to also experience sexual pleasure that at first was only intended for the male gender.

From the moment she takes control of her own sexuality, she also decides what kind of sexual contact she wants to receive and how far she wants to go. The most obvious choice is the Yoni massage, since she stimulates her intimate areas to reach unsuspected limits of pleasure.

The most important thing about the Yoni massage is that the woman not only receives the pleasure derived from sex associated with said massage, but also benefits mentally, emotionally and spiritually from the particularly delicate stimulation of her clitoris and her vagina. The five feminine senses are provoked with such intensity that the results begin to become visible from the first moment.

We do not want to extend more on this subject, but if you want to know what the Yoni massage consists of in depth, visit our website. You will find among our contents the entire process that will lead you to live one of the most pleasant and beneficial moments of your life.

How to make a woman feel pleasure?

One of the problems of today is how to make a woman feel real pleasure.
Unfortunately, reality tells us a story from which women’s sexual education was limited to conception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Little or nothing has been said for many centuries about the need for pleasure and

their sexual satisfaction. Everything related to female pleasure has always lagged far behind when it comes to male pleasure.

Fortunately, thanks to the birth of the Internet, freedom of expression has taken a quantum leap and the Western world has opened its eyes to these issues.

It is also true that in women there are mental processes that interact with physical-chemical processes that are much more complex to analyze and understand. Anorgasmy or multiorgasmy are, in general, much more difficult to study.

Tantra, intimate massage and female pleasure

In view of the above, we are fortunate that Tantra has indeed studied female sexuality in depth, as well as male sexuality through thousands and thousands of years.

And it is thanks to this in-depth study of sacred sexuality that today women can enjoy all the benefits of an intimate massage and achieve sexual liberation and healing through Yoni massage.

6 benefits of intimate massage for women

Erotic massage is an unbeatable opportunity to completely rediscover yourself. And we are not only talking about the erogenous zones of your body but also about your inner being and your ability to feel maximum pleasure.

Unlike men, women have an organ only destined to feel pleasure. We are talking about the clitoris that has no other objective than to make you feel pleasure, either during penetration or during masturbation.

However, the objective of erotic tantric massage is not only to focus on the genitals nor on achieving orgasm. The objective of the intimate massage is to stimulate every corner of your body in such a way that when it reaches the Yoni, every pore of your skin will be sensitized and absolutely receptive to sexual enjoyment.

We are going to summarize the benefits of receiving an intimate massage into six main ones:

1. You will find yourself, with your true essence.
2. You will discover erogenous zones of your body that you did not even know existed.
3. You will feel sex much more intensely.
4. You will free yourself from old taboos that have only contributed to shackle your sexuality.

5. Your stress levels will drop considerably and your happiness will last longer than a few few moments.

6. Your creativity will increase and you will find new ways to enjoy life.

If you have not yet experienced a tantric massage on your body, we encourage you to try it, because the aforementioned benefits are not the only ones. There is much more behind the scenes of the universe of Tantra and intimate massages.

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