Consejos y secretos de los maestros del sexo tántrico

Advice and secrets of the masters of tantric sex

When we think of tantric sex, the first thing that comes to mind is conscious, slow, harmonious sex, full of massages and endless caresses, right?

But what is really behind Tantra and what are the best kept secrets of tantric sex professionals? The truth is that it is knowledge that you will rarely have the opportunity to access.

And today is one of them, do not miss it, you will be surprised!

Tantric sex, massages and time

One of the first pieces of advice that a master of tantric sex gives us is that the time we have available for an erotic massage session must be more than enough to enjoy the foreplay, the massage itself, and the relaxation area that follows.

Tantric massage should never be a simple procedure, nor should those who enjoy the massage feel pressured by the clock, not even minimally. If you do not have the necessary time to receive or to give a tantric massage, it is best to leave it for another day.

In short, if you want to obtain each and every one of the incredible benefits that a good erotic tantric massage brings: don’t hurry!

Sex? As little as possible

Yes, just as you read it: as little as possible.

It is quite common to see celebrities who practice tantric sex boast that they have sex everywhere and at all times. This can be called wild sex or chaotic sex, but never tantric sex.

Tantric sex requires prolonged sexual containment over time so that we can accumulate the greatest amount of sexual energy possible. In this way and only in this way, we will be able to enjoy the honey of Tantra, of those honeys that are only reserved for a few.

How long do tantric massage professionals advise us to wait between one session and another? Virtually everyone agrees that, at least, fifteen days must have passed. Otherwise, you will only be able to enjoy crumbs of Tantra magic and, of course, the benefits obtained will be less.

Anywhere? No way!

The practice of tantric sex must be carried out in a space where we can feel that it is a true temple of love.

You should never miss the candles of different colors, the aromatic incense sticks and the freshly cut flowers to propitiate the atmosphere. Nor should there be a lack of specific body oils for lubricating the entire body, including intimate areas. The choice of music that is appropriate for the moment, that is not strident or distracting, is very important.

And something fundamental to take into account: it has to be a space of absolute calm, in which you are sure that no one will come knocking on the door unexpectedly.
Oh! And of course: mobile phones far away!

Pay attention to your breath!

One of the most important aspects to take care of is breathing. Concentrating on it and synchronizing it with the rhythm of erotic massages and sexual contact is essential to reach the maximum point of pleasure.

Tantric sex professionals advise, as an initial step, to sit facing each other and begin to breathe together slowly and in sync. Next, carrying out a brief meditation together will help you to finally balance your energies.

It’s time for caresses

Touching plays a unique role in tantric sex. And we are not talking about those caresses that we habitually lavish on ourselves and that are carried out in an affectionate and spontaneous way. Rather, we are talking about well-planned caresses, which together with the oil that we have prepared, spread slowly and consciously through our partner’s completely naked body. Of course, and this is very important, at first caresses should NOT include the breasts and genitals.

This massage should last approximately fifteen minutes. Then, it is advisable to rest, look deeply into each other’s eyes and immediately begin to kiss softly and tenderly, covering the other’s body completely. Now yes, it’s time to slowly and gently brush the genitals with your mouth until you feel that the other is visibly aroused.

Penetration and orgasm: two non-essential practices

When we get to this point, penetration may or may not be an option. Just as orgasm may or may not be achieved, since it is not the ultimate goal of tantric sex.

At this point our tantric masseur girls and boys advise doing what your heart dictates. Does it dictate penetration? Perfect, it’s time to dedicate yourself to it with all your heart and the softness of the world. If after penetration you want to seek orgasm, wonderful!

And if you don’t want it, it will be equally satisfying because you will have gone through the entire previous process that will open the doors to that much-desired connection with the Divine and with yourselves.

And you, have you lived any unique experience with tantric sex? Share it with us in the comments!

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