¿por que una mujer pierde el deseo sexual?

Why does a woman lose sexual desire?

Do you feel that your sexual appetite has decreased so much that you fear that you could lose it forever? Don’t worry, you’re not the only woman who temporarily loses sexual desire. Everything is fixed!

Today we are going to tell you what are the main reasons why you may have lost your normal sexual desire and what you can do to recover it.

Can you come with us?

Decreased sexual appetite in women

The truth is that the loss or decrease of sexual desire in women can be due to various factors, some of them physical and organic, others psychological or emotional.

Any of these factors can alter the natural course of female sexuality and therefore the daily life of those who suffer from it.

Obviously, if you suffer from a lack of sexual appetite, it will not only affect you, but also, of course, your relationship with your partner if you have one.

Fortunately, science has come a long way in this field and if you can’t do it alone, with the help of a professional it is possible to find solutions that will significantly improve your sex life.

What do we call sexual desire?

Sexual desire, also called libido, has been defined over time in a large number and variety of ways, depending on the branch of science in question.

However, if we translate this definition to the street level, we can say that it is that irrepressible desire to masturbate or have sexual relations with someone of the same sex or the opposite sex. 

When you feel sexual desire your body vibrates and your mind irremediably begins to fantasize about erotic situations.

Although we can say that desire is dominated primarily by hormones, what affects us most is our reaction to said desire. And this reaction varies depending on our personality, our education and the culture in which we are born.

What are the causes of the lack of female sexual desire?

Leaving aside psychological or organic dysfunctions, since those of us who are part of the Tantra Massage team are not trained to talk about mental or physical disorders, the reasons why a woman stops feeling sexual desire are various and most of them are from personal nature.

  • The stress

Living in a permanent situation of stress is one of the main causes of low libido in women. For example, an unwanted move, loss of employment, a change in the employment situation that leads to economic losses or a duel can be determining factors for a woman to lose her sexual appetite.

  • Physical exhaustion

This is another reason why sexual desire can decrease. A woman deals with multiple tasks and when she gets home all she wants is to rest. Fatigue, of course, contributes to lessening the need for sex.

  • Difficulties with the couple

Another reason why a woman can lose sexual desire is the lack of understanding with her partner. These difficulties can be of the most diverse calibers and range from sexual issues to raising children or the way of understanding life.

  • Religion and culture

Religion and culture are one of the main factors that affect sexual appetite in different ways.

There are cultures in which the desire of a woman outside of marriage is considered taboo and this obviously influences her normal development. Likewise, when we talk about sexuality in a religious framework, we find that everything is sinful, immoral or impure.

When this is the case of the loss of desire, it becomes necessary to work hard to break with these entrenched schemes until you are able to enjoy a full sexuality.

  • Emotional problems

Likewise, low self-esteem plays a fundamental role in the loss of female desire.

Anxiety or depression also have a significant influence. In these cases we strongly recommend consultation with a health professional.

  • Medicines

For example, there are some contraceptive medications that can cause vaginal dryness.

This makes the woman feel burning, itching, pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, something that inevitably ends up causing the loss of desire.

If this is the case, to put an end to the lack of lubrication, it is essential to consult a doctor and discuss the situation.

  • Menopause

The entry into menopause, generally in women from 45 to 50 years old, causes the decrease or the total absence of lubrication due to the decrease in estrogen levels.

Ladies, this is completely normal. Nothing that cannot be solved by going to the specialist!

In short, what we have exposed are just some of the reasons why a woman can temporarily lose sexual desire. We encourage you to recognize what are the reasons that prevent you from enjoying sex and in case you cannot alone, go to a health professional, be it a doctor, psychologist or sexologist, who will help you recover your desire and your normal sex life.

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