¿Por qué un hombre pierde el deseo sexual?

Why does a man lose sexual desire?

Much is said about the loss of sexual desire in women and very little about that of men.

The reason? Perhaps we find it in the fact that it is much more difficult for them to confess and verbalize the difficulties they have in their intimacy.

But don’t worry guys, that’s what we’re here for. Because if you want to remedy the lack of sexual desire, the first step is to make it visible, right?

Today we are going to reveal what are the main reasons why a man can lose libido throughout his life.

Why does a man lose sexual desire?

Leaving aside the physiological and psychological problems, which must be treated by a health professional, we find that there are several factors that influence when a man loses libido. And no, they are not responsible. The causes that we will analyze fall totally and exclusively within the masculine domain.

Throughout this article we are going to see, one by one, what these causes are and how you can remedy the decrease or total loss of your sexual desire.

  • Lack of self love 

The perception that we are not valuable enough for someone to like us is one of the main reasons why a man may temporarily lose sexual desire. Feeling less than others does not help keep libido high and can even lead to severe depression.

If this is the case, consultation with a mental health professional becomes absolutely essential.

  • Boredom and monotony

Always doing the same things with your partner, on the same days and at the same times, can only give you a loss of sexual desire.

Sex does not have to have a date and time, because when it does, it may be that day that you find yourself tired and unmotivated. Bet on surprises, on the least expected days, on the wonderful moments of spontaneous and unexpected passion.

And of course zero obligations! Sex has to be a pleasure, never a duty.

  • Sex calls sex

Just as the need for physical activity increases the more you exercise, sex also attracts sex. If the frequency with which you have sexual activity is low, your desire will decrease over time.

Begin to give impetus to your sexual encounters, whether with your partner or with a casual relationship. Find the time to increase the quality of your sexual impulses and the desire will return to your life.

  • The continuous overstimulation of networks

How many times a day do you see or receive sexually explicit images? We are sure that it is something continuous on your computer, your phone or television. This overstimulation saturates and ends up reducing male sexual desire.

And the worst thing is that these images are full of simulated fantasy, the product of retouching with editing programs. In the end you find that your reality is very different, something that ends up disillusioning you and overwhelming you.

Try to limit the reception of these fictitious and hypersexualized images that do not contribute anything to your real life.

  • Overwork

If you work more than necessary, when you get home, it is usual for your head to continue immersed in the tasks that you have pending. Never being able to switch off is a classic that decreases libido, since it takes away time that you should reserve for the indulgence of your

innermost desires.

Leave your mobile, take the day off and dedicate it to yourself and your partner or come visit us at Tantra Massages Barcelona, you will see how you recover your libido in no time!

  • Not getting enough sleep

Did you know that the “simple” fact of not getting enough sleep decreases sexual desire in men?

Various studies reveal that lack of sleep and insomnia decrease levels of the male hormone called testosterone. Testosterone levels peak between 6 and 8 in the morning. Hence, morning erections are a good symptom of sexual health


Value the quality of your sleep and take rest seriously to improve your performance at all levels, not just sexual!

In short, do not resign yourself to the fact that your sexual appetite decreases or disappears over time. It is in your hands to reverse that lack of desire and return to enjoy a full life full of eroticism and fantasy.

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