El placereado: conecta íntimamente con tu pareja

The pleasured: connect intimately with your partner

We are sure that you know a lot about sex, but… what if we proposed something different today? Have you heard of pleasured?

Even if your answer is affirmative, we would like to give you the keys to this technique, which is newer in name than in content. However, although it is a very simple technique, the truth is that it is something that we do very little and not at all with our partner.

Today we will tell you all its secrets, join us!

What is pleasured?

Have you ever kissed and caressed your partner for a long time without feeling any rush to have intercourse?

Pleasure is precisely a technique designed so that you can enjoy your partner’s body to the fullest, at the same time that you connect with her and stimulate her in every way. This technique is being highly recommended by sexologists, especially to those couples who have lost interest in their intimate relationships.

Have you stopped wanting your partner?

If your answer is affirmative, do not give up because all is not lost. The pleasure technique is designed precisely for cases in which interest in sex with a partner has been lost and sexual intercourse has become boring. Something quite common in couples who have lived together for many years.

The truth is that it has been discovered that pleasure is an excellent sexual therapy, since it has well-defined keys and offers an incredible benefit to the relationship.

Lack of sexual desire is on the rise in modern life, and if it is not based on
health reasons, it could have to do with day-to-day stress. However, most people do not go to a professional to try to find a solution to this situation. It is in this case that the placing can be useful.

What is the pleasure technique?

It is a very simple technique that consists of focusing on caresses, especially on those areas of the body that are not considered erogenous. The technique aims to awaken sexual pleasure in these areas to thus allow the discovery of new and unknown sensations.

Even if you’ve been with your partner for many years, this technique will help you realize that you didn’t know as much as you thought about the sensations you can get from your body.

And one of the reasons this happens is that we tend to focus too much on erogenous zones and intercourse itself.

The technique of plating requires, first of all, having a quiet place, without interruptions and remaining in total silence. Likewise, a good aromatic water-based oil cannot be missing for the massage, which should start from the tips of the toes to the neck, including the legs, thighs, hips, back and neck.

As we have said, this technique initially prevents caressing the erogenous zones, which you will reach when your partner’s excitement is palpable. If you follow these instructions, the pleasure technique will awaken the desire of both and connect your bodies and minds until you achieve an experience that strengthens the couple’s bond.

3 steps of the plastering technique

Follow these simple steps faithfully and we assure you that you will get excellent results.

First step: the moment of discovery

In this first phase of caressing, the couple should take turns massaging and caressing each other’s bodies. The exploration must be carried out avoiding at all times touching erogenous zones such as genitals or nipples.

Once this phase is over, you can communicate. It is time to share the sensations obtained, tell which areas have been more or less pleasant to learn from each other.

Second step: intimate caresses

Now yes, the time has come to dedicate ourselves body and soul to the most sensitive areas of our partner’s body. In this way, a balance is achieved with the caresses that we have previously provided.

This is the phase in which we also have to take into account the areas that have caused the most pleasure in the previous one and include them with the erogenous zones.

Third step: the sex itself

This last phase must include the two previous ones, with the difference that it can be completed with the sexual act, if both feel like it.

Something essential is to enjoy the here and now, without haste or interruptions. It is important to remain calm throughout the process and continue with caresses that must not be forgotten even during intercourse.

It is also interesting, so that the mind and body prepare for the next time, to schedule a new meeting to put the technique into practice. In this way, the wait will keep the desire alive.

Did you already know the pleasure technique? Have you ever put it into practice? How was the experience?

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