Tantric sex: 5 secrets to achieve unforgettable orgasms

Tantric sex: 5 secrets to achieve unforgettable orgasms

By now you will have heard repeatedly about tantric sex and its techniques aimed at achieving both physical and spiritual ecstasy. But… Do you really know what are the fundamental ingredients to achieve an incredible orgasm?

Next we will tell you the five best kept secrets of our massage girls and boys to achieve unforgettable orgasms using tantric sex as the main tool.

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Tantric sex synonymous with liberating sex

It is well known that tantric sex is synonymous with eroticism mixed with liberating intimate massages, hours of shocking pleasure, permanent self-knowledge and contact with the Divine through the pleasure we receive in our genitals and other erotic areas.

And if to all this we add the essential knowledge of a millenary experience like Tantra, we have as a result of the equation a mystical and sexual practice that is completely and totally addictive.

But what about orgasm?

The truth is that tantric sex is liberating in many, many ways. And one of them is that your ultimate goal and ultimate goal is not to reach climax. In this way, by taking the pressure off of forcibly obtaining an objective result, it allows us to enjoy a here and now without limitations.

However, it is also true that if it is the orgasm that reaches us, it will be more than welcome, of course!

5 secrets of a tantric sex with incredible orgasms

Whether with your tantric masseuse or with your regular partner, sex must be seasoned with additives capable of working miracles when it comes to reaching the long-awaited orgasm. And these additives are so simple that many times we tend to forget them and they become an unfathomable secret for most people.

Let’s see what these five forgotten additives are?

1. Exchange of long and intense glances.

Tantric sex has to be intimate and personal. So the first secret to achieve a harmonious intimacy is to look deeply into each other’s eyes when you are living that intense mystical and sexual experience. Try to see in the pupils of your partner what he feels, what he wants and put all your efforts in capturing every detail of his emotions and his thoughts.

But above all else, look at each other long and intensely at the precise moment when you are about to reach orgasm. We promise you a magical, intimate, profound and unrepeatable experience.

2. Explore your partner’s sensuality to the limit.

This is a crucial point in tantric sex: feeling each portion of the other’s body through erotic massages, caresses and touching can become the key to reaching the ultimate orgasm.

3. Live in the here and now.

Prevent external thoughts from blurring those sensations that invade every pore of your skin thanks to Tantra. Give up all worry and emotion that has nothing to do with the present moment and just take care of enjoying the wonderful opportunity that life is offering you.

4. Sharpen your five senses.

Tantric sex gives you a deep sensory experience, so you have to be fully aware of touching, looking, tasting, hearing and smelling. In short, explore the sensations that your body receives at all times and understand what you want and what you don’t.

One of the best ways to sharpen your senses during tantric sex is to bandage your eyes. We assure you that you will discover a fantastic world full of unexpected colors and shades.

5. Orgasm is coming!

We have no doubt that this will be the case if you put the four previous tips into practice. And this is the time not to get carried away by the rush. It is when you have to become fully aware of your body and delay as much as possible that final explosion of the Kundalini energy that is taking over you.

Use your breath and the strength of your will to do this until you can’t take it anymore. Then it is time to let yourself go and start enjoying the exciting journey in which you are immersed.

In short, Tantra teaches us that we must enjoy the trip and stop being aware of reaching the end of the road. And all this without neglecting the confidence and fun that sex and the spirituality that Tantra offers us.

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