Have you stopped enjoying sex? Try tantric sex

Have you stopped enjoying sex? Try tantric sex

Did you know that tantric sex leads you directly to your deepest emotions and can open the doors to that full sexuality that you thought was lost forever?

Indeed, sexual energy is nothing more than vital energy that we can carry to each of the cells of our body and erotic Tantra acts as a means to make you vibrate those strings of satisfaction that are still unknown to you.

Why resort to masturbation or the search for a quick orgasm if we can indefinitely enjoy the honeys of tantric sex?

Rediscover pleasure with the eroticism of Tantra

The pandemic has turned out to be a turning point in the usual dynamics of sexual relationships. There are those who the confinement allowed them to rediscover sex and others to whom being locked up plunged them into the deepest boredom and loss of eroticism.

But nothing that happened is in vain. You learn from everything and now, that we are gradually returning to normality, we have the opportunity to take our sexual relationships to the next level hand in hand with Tantra.

Why is erotic Tantra different?

It is quite possible that by now you are wondering why you need to take your sex down the path of Tantra to enjoy it more fully.

The answer is simple: in tantric sex the pleasure is found while you are on the way to orgasm and not in the orgasm itself. In other words, climax doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal of the sexual act.

And what does this mean?

It means that during tantric sex you can completely relax during your sexual intercourse and dedicate yourself to enjoying the journey. If the orgasm comes it will be welcome and if it doesn’t, well… nothing happens!

In this way we can take our pleasure to unsuspected limits, even reach a mystical ecstasy hand in hand with the emotions and physical sensations that open the doors to our highest perceptions.

What is so liberating and exciting to think about sex like this? With tantric sex we can have an intense and animal fuck, make love delicately or reach the Divine from within through mystical pleasure.

Tantra is not only sex

Due to the boom that tantric masseuses are having, one can come to think that Tantra is just sex. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are three types of Tantra:

The white Tantra that is practiced in Kundalini yoga, among other disciplines, and that is oriented to achieve full harmony with oneself and with others. It consists of a kind of energetic link through which we share knowledge that leads us to be better every day.

Red Tantra incorporates sex experienced through the couple. Connect matter and spirit. See the body as a temple and a path to enlightenment. It is this type of Tantra that we commonly call tantric sex.

Black Tantra is the selfish use of Divine forces. It is about the one that uses spiritual energy for its own purposes, without respecting the life of the other living beings that populate our planet.

Is tantric sex for everyone?

Of course yes!

Nothing is left out of tantric sex, everything can be integrated in one way or another in order to satisfy any need. You can understand it as a way to achieve spirituality and not for that reason it is a sex for mystics or enlightened ones.

Red Tantra is a path for anyone who wants to turn the erotic experience into a way of satisfying and knowing himself.

It consists of learning to combine the sexual energy that is instinctive and impulsive, with the energy of the soul that is tender and sensitive. In short, it is learning to play with passion and tenderness while we know ourselves.

The path to ecstasy in Tantra has no impositions, it is soft, gentle, caressing and redemptive. It helps to relax the body and mind, takes us on a path of inner joy that ends up transforming our life completely.

By practicing erotic Tantra regularly you will lose track of time and space and each time you will immerse yourself in a universe of wonderful and unforgettable sensations.

Are you ready to allow your sexual energy to stop depending on your genitals and the constant pursuit of orgasm to move to the next level?

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