7 secrets of Tantra for an unforgettable sex

7 secrets of Tantra for an unforgettable sex

The spirituality of Tantra and eroticism are closely related and not many people know the secrets that this ancient philosophy holds when it comes to enjoying sex without taboos or limitations.

Throughout this article we will tell you the seven best kept secrets of erotic Tantra that will transform your sexual experience forever.

The 7 secrets of Tantra that will improve your sex life


1. Slowness and relaxation.

This is the first key to achieving fulfillment in tantric sex.

The preliminaries full of tenderness, kisses and caresses are essential for the woman to reach the same level of excitement as the man. It must be borne in mind that she goes through a process of arousal much slower than him, but once she manages to turn on, her capacity for enjoyment is broader.

At this time the man has to control his instinctual impulses and maintain stable pleasure without going in search of an immediate orgasm. Once his arousal is stabilized, both of you will be on par and will be able to enjoy sex without limits, because in Tantra, relaxation and slowness are not incompatible with intensity.

2. Mutual pleasure.

In Tantra, sex does not focus on one member of the couple lavishing pleasure on the other. Rather, it is a give and take of mutual pleasure.

This type of pleasure that is given and received at the same time, results in a physical, mental and spiritual union that connects directly to the deepest emotions. The magical awakening in Tantra is a matter of two (or more), never a single person.

3. Polarity.

In Tantra, Ying and Yang come together in a kind of polarity, in the same way that bodies come together during sexual intercourse. The man is fire and the woman is water.

● They have the dominant energy center in the genitals and have to bring it to the heart.

● They have their dominant energy center in the breasts and in the heart and have to bring it to their yoni.

● The woman is seduced with caresses, intimacy and captivating words. 

● The man in this sense is more primitive and savage, so he has to look for the feminine side of him to reach the woman, but without losing his masculine energy and intensity.

4. Sensuality.

The language of Tantra is sensory stimuli, therefore everything that means routine and explicit sex must be avoided. Whispering, panting, hand-to-hand contact, caressing, and the smell of sex are all part of their language.

Soft lighting, scented candles and soft, relaxing music help create an atmosphere of sensuality that ignites the flame of tantric passion. Fly with your partner and give free rein to your senses together.

5. Eroticism.

Eroticism should not be confused with pornography. The cult of the lingam has nothing to do with the macho culture and the cult of the penis in which everything has to do with the size of the member and its stimulation.

On the contrary, eroticism is the language of Tantra. It is something much more sensitive, suggestive, calm as well as intense. It is the combination of feminine and masculine energies in an environment of harmony and pleasure without limits.

6. Full body.

In Tantra, sex does not die in the genitals or in orgasm. This does not prevent an intense climax from being reached, but tantric sex requires the involvement of the whole body.

During tantric sex you can feel an incredible pleasure that produces discharges throughout your body, even without reaching orgasm. But for this you have to understand the body as a unit and during the preliminaries never focus your attention only on the genitals. This will unleash the sexual energy that will be responsible for lighting the wick of passion.

7. Total energy.

Physical exercise is essential to achieve greater sexual energy.

Leave sedentary lifestyle behind and stimulate your heart. To do this, practice cycling, go for a run, do yoga or whatever physical exercise you feel more comfortable with. It is very important to increase energy so as not to lose libido.

Get a healthy and muscular body, but not to attract the attention of others, but to get the blood more forcefully to your genitals.

Do you put these seven secrets of Tantra into practice and come back to tell us about your experience?

We will wait for you here! 

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