4 perfect positions to delay orgasm

4 perfect positions to delay orgasm

It is well known that during sex, and especially if it is not with your regular partner, there is a certain dose of anxiety that can prevent you from delaying orgasm as much as you would like.

If your problem is that you reach orgasm too quickly, we are sure that these four positions will contribute to considerably improve your sex life.

Let’s get to know them!

Sex positions have their secrets

Have you thought that it is very possible that you reach orgasm too quickly because during sex you adopt positions that favor that situation?

And there are some sexual positions that help delay ejaculation. This may be due to several factors involved in avoiding overstimulation of the penis.

These positions:

1. They do not appeal to the task of pushing or penetrating.

2. Prevent deep penetration or thrust.

3. They give priority to the sensations of pleasure and not to sexual prowess, so they do not require a vigorous thrust.

4. They need concentration to be devoted to posture rather than to penetrating anxiety.

5. They give you control of the situation, so you can decide how much stimulation you receive and how much you give.

4 positions to delay orgasm

If you practice different positions you can surprise your partner and you will have a much less routine or boring sex life. And if these positions also help you delay an orgasm that is too early: bingo!

Position number 1: teaspoon

This is one of the best known sexual positions and also the most practiced, but didn’t you know that it is one of the ideal positions to delay orgasm?

To make the spoon, both members of the couple lie on their sides, the man behind the woman. She has to open her legs slightly to be penetrated from behind. He feels her vagina with his hand and begins to penetrate.

The advantage of this position is that you can penetrate within certain limits and avoid the long and wild thrusts that tend to become unstoppable and easily drive past the point of no return. Also, penetration in this position reaches the female G-spot. Concentrate on stroking her body and gently stimulating her clitoris with your fingers.

Position number 2: Missionary without penetration

Have you ever thought that this simple and well-known position could be tried in a different way?

How do you do the missionary without penetration? Well, it is very simple, you put yourself in the position of the usual missionary, but without reaching penetration. Instead, you need to gently rub the back of your penis against her clitoris.

The advantage is that it is an equally exciting position, but instead of focusing the arousal of the penis in its most sensitive areas, you focus it on the back, which is much less so.

Position number 3: Faced

It is a position very similar to that of the spoon, both members of the couple have to lie on their sides, but facing each other. This position requires impulse control and teamwork as well.

She lifts her free leg and wraps your hips to give you easy access to her vagina.

The benefit of this position is that both of you can control the depth of penetration, making it a very practical way to share control. You can focus more on your sensations and limit the penetration to your liking.

Position number 4: Yab-yum

The term Yab-yum comes from the Tibetan language, it means “father-mother” and is a very common symbol in the Buddhist art of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India.

The Yab-yum represents the male deity uniting sexually with his wife, the female deity. He can usually be seen, sitting in the lotus position, while his consort sits on his lap.

You can sit on the bed or on a cushion on the floor and your partner straddles you so that you can easily penetrate her from the front.

The advantages of this position, although it seems contradictory, is that it is quite difficult to maintain, you will not be able to push continuously because you have to support yourself and your partner. Although somewhat uncomfortable, it is an extremely exciting and intimate position, in which kisses and caresses take on greater prominence.

Do you know of any other sexual position to delay orgasm? Share it in the comments!

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