How to stimulate the clitoris: pleasure without borders

How to stimulate the clitoris: pleasure without borders

It is possible that at this moment you are thinking: I know how to stimulate the clitoris, but she is not excited!

We are sure that you have done it with all your good will, but … do you really know how to touch it and how to lick it to take your girl to the paradise of sex? Did you know that there is much, much more to do with it than just rub it?

The truth is that the clitoris is one of the most popular areas of pleasure and at the same time one of the great unknown of the female body. There is a great general misinformation in relation to this very sensitive erogenous zone.

Throughout this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful pleasure trigger button.

What is the clitoris and where is it located?

The clitoris is a small, fleshy, protruding, erection-capable sexual organ that is located on the upper part of the vulva, below the inner labia.

It resembles a small button with the peculiarity of having thousands of nerve endings, many more even than the penis has. There are those who believe that the clitoris is linked to the female G-spot.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

How to stimulate the clitoris correctly?

With the enormous amount of nerve endings that this little sex button has, there are many ways to stimulate it to take your partner (or yourself) to the Eden of erotic sensations. But remember that it is an extremely sensitive organ, so it has to be masturbated very delicately. 

Before starting, make sure that you are both immersed in the right environment and above all that no one is going to interrupt you. Soft music, scented candles and soft light will make the sex of that day truly unforgettable for both of you.

Finger stimulation

Lubricate your fingers and begin to caress the clitoris first gently and then vary the intensity, speed and pressure. This variation is important to gradually accentuate the sensations without damaging it.

Up and down: This is the basic massage. Imagine your toes gently sliding down a slide. You will provide your partner with an incredible feeling and the best, in a super simple way.

Gentle tapping: tap gently and repeatedly on it until your girl starts moaning with pleasure and asking you for more.

The victory sign: place your fingers in a V shape on the top of the clitoris. Gently rub up and down, pinch it, bring your fingers together and gently pull it. This way of stimulating it produces incredible sensations.

Turning in the round: with your well-lubricated fingers, begin to go around the pleasure button at the same time that you massage the lips of the vagina.

Oral stimulation: cunnilingus

Oral stimulation, also called cunnilingus, provides one of the most intense joys in life, both for the recipient and the provider. However, and although it may seem incredible, not many people know how to properly stimulate their partner orally.

And it is that the vagina is like a magnificent puzzle and each one is a world. If you are starting in the art of oral stimulation of a woman you have to be patient and go step by step. You can’t expect to give her a lick and have your girl squirm in pleasure as she orgasms. That does not work like that.

Next we are going to tell you how to properly lick your partner’s clitoris to make her feel in paradise from minute zero.

1. Before starting oral stimulation, the appropriate climate must have been created. And this requires kisses, hugs and whispers that start the process of previous arousal so necessary so that she begins to moisten her genitals and is wanting you to go down to the very heart of her eroticism.

2. Then slowly slide down her body, stroking and licking until you reach her vagina. Once there, look for her clitoris with your lubricated fingers.

3. She begins to tap her with her fingers and bring your mouth closer, gently brushing her vagina with your tongue until you begin to feel her breathing patterns change and turn into moans. If this happens, you are doing great. If she does not respond to these stimuli it means that you must first engage other parts of her body until then yes, she is ready to restart oral stimulation on her clitoris.

4. Something very important: you too should have fun with this game and get sexually aroused. If you are not satisfied with providing your partner with oral pleasure, she will notice it and she will hardly be able to come to fruition. If you want to please her in this way, you must do it with the same desire with which you would like her to do it to you.

5. Now it’s time to ask her if she wants you to continue and if the answer is yes, it’s time to play with your girl’s labia minora. Lick gently around her labia minora, kiss that area while rubbing the inside of her thighs with your hands.

6. Go changing speed and intensity. Make random movements with your tongue: slow and fast, smooth and strong, up, down, and in circles.

7. Try different positions to provide oral pleasure, if you hold the same position for a long time, it will end up getting boring for both of you.

8. Experiment without fear and be attentive to your partner’s reactions. Try not to ask: do you like it? There is nothing more suitable than that frightening question to break the magic of the moment.

9. Using a vibrator on her clitoris is a good sexual complement when it comes to providing oral pleasure. Also encourage her to touch herself.

10. Remember that not everything has to be perfect, much less the first time. Give each other time to learn together what gives you the most pleasure and little by little you will get to know each other until you fully understand each other.

And finally, do not forget that paying attention to her is important, but you also have to enjoy cunnilingus: Recreate in the moans of your girl, in her smell, in the touch of her vagina, feel each one of her pores. Make that day one impossible to forget.

Do you know of any other techniques to stimulate the clitoris that we have overlooked? Share it in the comments!

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