What is an orgasm and how many types are there?

What is an orgasm and how many types are there?

That there are countless myths around sex is something everyone knows. What we are not usually very aware of is that each of us has our own deep-rooted myth. Yes, we mean the one we strive to defend tooth and nail. And it is that this erroneous belief is part of our culture, with it we grew up and on it we base many aspects of our life.

Some of these myths tell us about what sex should be like, what intensity of pleasure we should feel or not feel, with whom it is okay to go to bed and with whom not, with what gender we have to get turned on and even, what a satisfactory orgasm should be like depending on whether it is clitoral, vaginal, mixed, multiple, penile or prostate.

Next we will tell you what an orgasm is and how many types exist. 

What is an orgasm?

The first thing you have to know is that there are as many types of orgasms as there are human beings in the world. Therefore, the sensations you can get when you reach the climaxes are impossible to describe. However, we can define orgasm from a biological point of view.

Orgasm or climax is a sudden release of accumulated sexual tension. During orgasm, a series of muscular contractions and fluid secretion are initiated to release this tension. Three hormones are also created that increase happiness and help reduce depression: endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin.

Ways to reach orgasm

Orgasm, observed from a biological point of view, is never different, although the means by which it is reached changes. In this way, it is not possible to speak of types of orgasms but of different ways to achieve it.

So, when we talk about the clitoral, anal or vaginal orgasm, what we are talking about is the different ways of reaching this specific reaction of the body and mind, that is, the orgasm itself.

And if we talk about the male orgasm, whatever the gender identity of the man in question, we can say that there are two ways to reach orgasm: stimulating the penis or through anal stimulation. In other words, it is not even necessary to stimulate the penis or for the man to have an erection to reach orgasm.

Orgasm through the mind

If we go a little deeper still, we will find that orgasm does not even require stimulation of the sexual organs. Just stimulate the mind to get one. And it is that the true sexual organ is in our brain. We will give you some examples of it.

Have you ever seen a pornographic movie or read an erotic book? How has your body reacted at that moment? We have no doubt that it has reacted accordingly, making your vagina wet if you are a woman or giving you an erection if you are a man.

You see it? And this has happened without any stimulus to your sexual organs. The arousal has simply passed through your eyes and into your brain. You also have to bear in mind that your arousal will depend on your sexual desires. If you read or see pictures of situations that give you pleasure, you will simply get turned on.

The magic of wet dreams

It is called a “wet dream” to one in which we have vivid sexual contact with anyone, whether known or unknown.

These dreams, which are completely normal, usually cause that when we wake up we find that we are completely aroused. We could even reach orgasm within the same dream. And this, as you can see, happens without anyone physically touching us.

Orgasm through tantric massage

The main objective of a tantric massage is not to reach orgasm, but to use sexual pleasure as a channel to connect with the Divine. This pleasure is generated through the stimulation that the tantric masseuse or masseur performs on the body of the massaged, without the need to touch their genitals.

There are countless occasions when just feeling the hands of a Tantra massage professional on our body can directly induce us to climax.

In short, the next time they tell you that there are different types of orgasms, you can tell them that it is not so. There is only one orgasm, what does exist are different ways of reaching it.

Do you dare explore a new way to excite your brain and then come and tell us about it? We are convinced that you will discover fascinating sensations that we will love to meet and share with you.

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