7 benefits of erotic tantric massage for women

7 benefits of erotic tantric massage for women

Erotic tantric massage is a technique that offers multiple benefits because it does not focus only on the physical part, but affects the emotional, mental, mental and spiritual aspects of both men and women.

Today we want to tell you what are the seven main benefits of sensual tantric massage. And we will focus on the feminine, not only so that you know more in depth what to expect from this elaborate technique, but also so that you can assess which one or which of these benefits you currently need to improve your life.

The female body is designed to receive pleasure

As you already know, there are massages of the most diverse types and each one of them offers its own benefits. Even the same massage produces very different results in the female body than in the male.

Tantric erotic massage gives you an unparalleled opportunity to rediscover sensitive areas of your body. You will even discover some of them for the first time and you will be surprised to see how many parts of yourself you can feel pleasure in.

The body of a woman has areas specially designed by nature only to receive pleasure. One of them is the clitoris. However, the benefits of an erotic tantric massage are not only produced by stimulating the Yoni (vagina) area, nor that of your genital organs. A sensitive massage works by activating the whole body in such a way that when the masseur’s hands reach the Yoni, the woman is much more receptive and predisposed to receive pleasure in that area. The same thing happens with the man and his Lingam: an erotic massage acts on the whole body before focusing on his penis.

Keep in mind that the mental processes that lead to orgasm for a woman are much more complex than those of a man. Fortunately, Tantra has been concerned with inquiring about female sexuality for thousands of years and has transmitted that knowledge through many means, one of them is massage.

The 7 most important benefits of a female erotic massage

Will you join us to enjoy reading the seven most important benefits of an erotic massage for women?

1. You will learn to discover new erogenous zones.

It is common for women to focus on two or three areas of our body because they are the ones that give us the most pleasure. But did you know that there are many more? An erotic massage allows you to discover sensitive parts of your body that you don’t even suspect exist.

2. Helps to reach orgasm.

Even if you have never had an orgasm, an erotic massage combined with the harmony of Tantra will lead you, without you realizing it, on a path so full of sensations that it will be difficult for you not to reach climax.

3. Lower your stress levels.

There is nothing more relaxing or liberating than an erotic massage to leave day-to-day stress behind. When you leave a tantric massage session you will think you are floating in the air and you will be able to face the routine with much more strength and productivity.

4. Increase your creativity.

Along with the reduction of stress increases creativity in all areas of life. Without a doubt, an erotic massage is something that can result in a higher level of happiness in both personal and work relationships.

5. Intensify your ability to receive and give pleasure.

By rediscovering and discovering areas of your body that were asleep, your capacity for pleasure grows exponentially. And not only the ability to receive it but also to give it, because someone who is happy can also make others happy.

6. It frees you from prejudices and taboos ingrained during your childhood.

If you still have reservations when it comes to leaving your body in the hands of an erotic tantric masseuse, it is very possible that you have grown up in a home full of sexual taboos and restrictions. Wouldn’t you like to free yourself from that emotional prison to unleash your feelings?

7. Contributes to total relaxation that helps cleanse your mind and spirit.

An intimate massage increases the levels of the hormones of happiness: serotonin, dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin in your body; something that contributes to completely rid you of negative thoughts and gives way to a world of bright colors that will bring you both mental and spiritual happiness.

Even if you only get one of these seven benefits, having the firsthand experience of receiving an erotic massage is already worth it. Don’t you think?

And you, have you had any experience with erotic massages for women that you can tell us about? What benefits have they brought to your life?

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