Lingam massage: the peak of pleasure through the penis

Lingam massage: the peak of pleasure through the penis

Today we woke up with the desire to tell you everything you have always wanted to know about Lingam massage and never dared to ask. As part of a team of tantric masseurs specialized in Lingam massage, we can speak to you directly from our experience; an experience that allows us to know the most intimate secrets of men with all types of sexual orientation: heterosexual, bisexual, gay and even those who define themselves as heteroflexible.

Are you joining us on this intimate journey to the pinnacle of male pleasure?

What is the Lingam?

Surely you have heard many references to the Lingam, especially in relation to tantric sex and erotic masseuses. But do you really know what it’s about?

There have been, there are and there will be great debates about the origin and how to interpret the Lingam. Strictly speaking, the Lingam comes from the Hindu religion and symbolically represents Shiva, one of the gods of the Hindu Trinity.

But we are convinced that this is not the meaning that really interests you but the one that relates to the phallus in the broadest sense of masculine energy.

In this sense, the Lingam is the counterpart of the Yoni, which symbolizes the vulva and feminine energy.The union between the Yoni (vagina) and the Lingam (penis) represents the indivisible duality of the feminine and the masculine; two sides of the same coin that together give rise, nothing more and nothing less, than life.

The penis: an inexhaustible source of well-being and pleasure

The Tantra philosophy aims to search for deep knowledge of oneself.

According to this philosophy, the genitals are the chakra that connects the body with the mind and with the spirit. Therefore, the technique of tantric massage in the Lingam has as its fundamental objective to explore the pinnacle of masculinity through touch.

A masseuse or a professional tantra masseuse will guide you through their hands towards an increasingly higher state of consciousness and a world of completely new erotic sensations. From this new state of consciousness, your mind will be emptied of all thoughts and you will be able to rediscover your body while your inner being approaches the Divine.

Okay, but what exactly is a Lingam massage?

A Lingam massage is performed specifically on the penis and the perineum area, but contrary to what you might be thinking at the moment, it does not include sex and is not intended for orgasm. However, it is such an incredibly sensitive massage that ejaculation is usually the inevitable trigger for the world of sensations in which you will find yourself immersed. Imagine you are in a private suite, set with soft music, soft lighting and scented candles. Now feel the hands of your spectacular tantra masseuse running through your entire body with the intention of achieving a state of complete relaxation. Your only job is to rid yourself of the shame that prevents you from enjoying the sensations that your masseuse will provoke with his soft, warm and experienced hands. Close your eyes, surrender, let yourself go…

Main benefits of Lingam massage

Lingam massage provides so many benefits that it would be impossible to describe them all, without taking into account that each person is a world and as such, its usefulness can become extremely personal.

However, let’s look at the most important ones:

1. You will feel an unequaled relaxation in every muscle of your body.

2. You can drive away work stress.

3. Your vital energy will be noticeably increased.

4. The burden of routine will become a memory of the past.

5. Your creativity will increase and with it your relationship will improve in every way.

6. Confidence in yourself will be strengthened, a highly positive effect to renew yourself physically, morally and mentally.

7. You will learn to recognize your most sensitive erogenous zones.

8. Your sexual desire will increase and your intimate relationships will notably improve. 9. Your skin will look brighter, since the massage will activate your sweat glands. 10. Contributes to the shedding of dry skin and over time you will achieve a more youthful appearance.

11. It will increase the oxygen in your muscles with what you will achieve a great integral well-being.

12. You will open your sensitive channels and achieve a more intimate connection with yourself and with your inner being.

An additional advantage of experiencing a Lingam massage from a professional is that it will allow you to know the technique, as well as what you should feel. So with a little practice you will be ready to give it to your partner yourself; something that will strengthen your union and sexual desire to unimaginable limits.

Do you have any questions that you want to share with us in the comments? Go ahead! We would love to tell you other secrets about Lingam massage and get to know you more intimately.

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