How to prepare an erotic tantric massage that drives your partner crazy?

How to prepare an erotic tantric massage that drives your partner crazy?

Learning how to give your partner an erotic tantric massage will allow both of you to discover new erogenous zones and will connect you sexually like you have never done before.

And there are few things that renew a relationship more than being able to enjoy a good erotic massage as a couple. You know why? Because it is not only pleasant to receive the massage itself, but also the expectation that is created between the two of you. All this, together with the previous preparation of the environment, will become some great preliminaries to a day full of complicity and shared enjoyment.

Being able to create a sensual and appropriate environment is very important and not as simple as one might imagine. Although there are many articles talking about the subject, preparing a place to give a tantric massage has its secrets and many of them are very well kept by professional erotic masseurs.

However, don’t worry! We are going to reveal the most important ones throughout this article. Can you come with us?

How to prepare an erotic environment that awakens all the senses

Rome was not made in a day. This means that it has to go little by little. It is useless to launch yourself into an erotic massage for your partner, if you cannot create a sensual and relaxing environment between the two of you that allows you to fully enjoy the experience.

Erotic massage preparation

● Planning

Because it is not possible to create an environment that is exciting to the senses in a few minutes, planning the massage is as important as the massage itself.

Thanks to this planning you will be able to prepare your minds, fantasize about it and wait impatiently for the moment to arrive. And in the meantime, it is very likely that you will come up with new ideas for that long-awaited day.

● The environment

The chosen place must be a space free of interruptions and external noise. This is essential to achieve a correct relaxation of the body and mind. If achieving that peace in your home is impossible, you can always book a room in a good hotel.

Do not forget to buy scented candles and soft music that helps create the ideal tantric atmosphere that makes you forget the world.

● Lighting

The light has to be dim so that it is easier for you to concentrate on the different sensations produced by the erotic tantric massage. We suggest that the light come from scented candles or salt lamps.

If you use candles, be very careful with possible fires and also make sure that they are big enough so that they do not go out before the end of the session or the magic would be lost before time.

● Air conditioning

The ideal temperature would be around 24º 25º. It is recommended that it is not cold so that the pores open and allow the sexual energy to flow. An environment that is too warm would not be appropriate either because it would end up being overwhelming for both of you.

If we have to choose, a warm environment is preferable because whoever is receiving the massage may feel a bit cold at first due to immobility.

● Comfort above all

Undoubtedly, the ideal is to have a tatami or a futon, since both have a certain hardness that will provide greater comfort for both who does the massage and who receives it.

However, if you are going to do it in bed, know that the mattress will move a lot more, so adopting a suitable posture is important to prevent future back pain. Also, be careful to cover the bed with large towels to avoid staining the sheets with lubricating oil.

● Appropriate clothing

For the massage to be comfortable and sexually attractive, the ideal is that both of you are completely naked. However, whoever does the massage may be dressed erotically or in disguise to fulfill the most secret fantasy of their partner.

● Lubricants

It is essential to use a lubricant so that the masseur’s hands glide properly over the body being massaged. There is a large number and variety of oils designed to perform an erotic massage: coconut, hazelnut or almond are ideal. You can find them in any shopping center and even extra virgin olive oil can be used perfectly for it. Creams are not recommended as they are absorbed more quickly.

The time has come to put the previously warmed oil, so that it reaches the liquid state, in a bowl. Do not put too much quantity in the container because there is a risk that it will tip over. If it is the first time, it is best to put it in a jar with a lid that closes well to avoid staining the futon, the tatami or the bed.

Finally, you can spread flower petals in the room and accompany the massage with chocolates and and dig. But do not forget the most important thing: the erotic massage has to be seasoned with love, sexual desire and mutual understanding so that it becomes an unforgettable experience.

And you, do you have any other ideas that you want to share with us? Leave it in the comments!

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