The different ways to give a good penis massage

The different ways to give a good penis massage

Why is a good penis massage important?

Despite being a little discussed topic, the penis also requires special attention when it comes to being touched or handled to receive the greatest possible pleasure and an optimal subsequent sexual encounter.

With this we mean that there are several essential factors that contribute to the fact that the massage on the penis is not a mere handjob, but a worked massage, specific and which includes special techniques for the client to find unexplored areas of his body that cause a pleasure greater and different from the known one.

Points to consider

Next, we will comment on the different essential points to take into account to obtain an expanded experience of a much more pleasant and unforgettable masturbation:

Posture and comfort

First of all, it is of great importance that both client and therapist are comfortable. Thus the client will enjoy the session without discomfort and the therapist will feel comfortable to carry out her work.

It must be taken into account that, depending on the position of the client, he will experience some sensations or others. That is, it is not the same to receive a penis massage while lying on your stomach than on your back. This is because while the client is face down, the penis receives stimulation both from the mat that is pressing on his genitals and from the hands of the masseuse, who have full access to her penis and testicles.

Another little experienced position is that of being in the doggy position: this allows full access not only to the genital area but also to the anal, since the combination of the massage on the penis with the gentle friction of the anus can provide powerful never felt before sensations.

We recommend trying different postures until you find the one that gives the client the most pleasure.

The different areas to explore

In a common handjob, the massage is mainly focused on the shaft of the penis and the technique used is only the constant friction that leads to ejaculation. This can be pleasant, however, in turn, it is fleeting and the pleasure is short-lived.

For this reason, an experienced and professional therapist knows that the massage first has to focus on the groins, to bring the client to a point of maximum excitement. The touches on the genitals, at first, should be light and not constant.

However, gradually the tantric masseuse will begin to include other important areas in the massage, such as the scrotum, testicles and the perineum area. Finally, she will focus on the penis, the base of the penis and the glans, the point with the highest number of nerve endings.

In case the client also wishes, the anal area can be slightly stimulated.

The techniques used

As we have mentioned before, a real massage is not based only on the friction of the shaft of the penis, but also on many other techniques such as those that we will list below:

The massage focused only on the glans. With only the use of the fingers, the therapist will brush the glans of the penis, avoiding touching another area, to maximize the sensations at that point.

The complete massage. This includes stimulation of the entire penis: with both hands the masseuse will cover the length of the penis, from the base to the glans, in up and down circulatory movements, so that the pleasure spreads throughout the entire organ.

The massage on the testicles. In this case, with one hand the therapist massages the testicles while the other is in charge of giving pleasure to the penis. It is a technique that provides a very intense pleasure, since the testicles are also a sensitive area for pleasure.

Intermittent massage. This leads to the masseuse stopping the massage every time she notices that the client is about to ejaculate, so that when it occurs it is much stronger.

These are some of the techniques, however, there are many and each therapist uses the ones he knows and knows that give the best results.

The gels or oils used

It is very important to choose well the gel or oil that is used to perform the massage in the male intimate area. For example, the lubricant is a great gel to be able to keep the genital area constantly moist and reduce the pain that constant friction can cause in the dry.

Certain massage gels are also recommended, such as Nuru gel, which, as they have a sticky and very wet texture, give the sensation that instead of being stimulated by hands, you are inside a vagina. A good Nuru massage in the genital area is a dream for all men.

The connection and sexual chemistry with the therapist 

This point is also very important, because thanks to the connection with the therapist the client will feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable in her presence. A good connection and sexual chemistry make the session twice as good and not as mechanical and cold as it could be in case of a lack of chemistry between the two.

For this reason, it is very important that the client, when choosing the therapist, starts a small conversation with her in order to determine to what extent he is convinced.

A good connection and sexual chemistry, in turn, will allow both of you to open up, show your most sensual side, have pleasant talks and very hot erotic moments, which in turn, will allow you to have a very pleasant and fluid orgasm, without much need for prewarming.


As you may have seen, there are many factors that contribute to really powerful ejaculation and orgasm.

In a good erotic-tantric massage center, such as the Barcelona Tantra Massage center, we guarantee a one hundred percent professional service capable of making you discover unimaginable pleasures, thanks to the experienced masseurs and masseuses who collaborate with us.

We are waiting for you soon to receive a Lingam that will leave you delighted.

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