What is a prostate massage and why try it?

What is a prostate massage and why try it?

What is a prostate massage?

A prostate massage is a massage in which the central point of stimulation is the male G gland, also called the prostate. This gland is located in the anus, attached to the urethra and the bladder, and is only present in the male gender. These types of procedures are generally done for therapeutic purposes, to correct problems related to the prostate, but they can also be done to generate pleasure.

What are the many benefits of a prostate massage?

The benefits are multiple and diverse, some even referring to physical or psychological health. Here are the various benefits of prostate massage:

A new form of pleasure

You will be used to experiencing pleasure through the sensations of the penis, since the glans and testicles are areas with many nerve endings, which well stimulated produce orgasm. However, the anal and prostate areas, generally little experienced by men, are also areas of great pleasure and suitable for good stimulation.

Improves erectile dysfunction

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence, which limits them from having a full, healthy and satisfying sexual life. Thanks to prostate massage, you may find a cure to this problem, since it has been proven that many men reach orgasm only through the stimulation of the male G-spot.

Men who achieve orgasm through the prostate gland report that it is a deeper and more expanded orgasm than that obtained through stimulation of the penis.

Helps in prostate disorders

In the event that there is some inflammation in the prostate gland, doctors argue that a gentle massage can help drain fluids and help in the improvement of said organ.

Cases such as prostatitis or benign hyperplasia are treated not only with medications, but also with specialized massages. However, these have to be carried out by specialized personnel, since too much pressure on the gland can produce the opposite effect to that desired.

Adequate fluid drainage also prevents diseases such as prostate cancer and BPH.

However, you must maintain certain precautions and always consult a specialized doctor before performing this type of massage, since in case of suffering from hemorrhoids or acute prostatitis it could worsen these diseases.

How is a prostate massage performed?

Prostate massage is performed with the therapist’s hands and fingers as the main instrument. Since the prostate gland is located a short distance from the entrance of the anus, the fingers are perfect for stimulating it.

In general, the index finger is inserted next to the middle finger, so that the fingers can be flexed towards the upper wall of the anus. In erotic massage sessions, special thimbles or gloves are used for this type of practice, thus maintaining the necessary hygiene measures.

What toys can be included?

For those who consider themselves more daring or want to live a more complete experience, they can choose to have a prostate massage with toys such as vibrators, anal plugs, Chinese balls or the strap-on, a vibrating harness that the masseuse would wear to perform the massage.

In our center the masseurs are experts in providing this service, in addition to having toys of various sizes, so that you could choose the one you want the most. Or, try one and if you dare to do more, go for the other.

The therapists will always ensure that the session is totally pleasant for you, so that if they feel that they are bothering them, they will stop the session and ask you if you want any changes.

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