Who are tantric masseurs

Who are tantric masseurs?

You may have heard often about the tantric masseurs and you may have attended one for a good tantric massage, but, however, not much is said about the technical and mental preparation of these professionals which are capable of helping you energetically and offer you a liberating and pleasurable session. 

In short, a tantric masseur is a professional of the tantra massage which includes not only the erotic and sensual experience, but also the energetic and spiritual one. Thus, a tantric masseur has to be someone formed in different types of massage, but also someone who meets a series of mental and spiritual requirements to help you transcend your senses and connect to your internal sexual energy.

Requirements of a good tantric masseur

Next, we will detail the different essential requirements that any good tantric masseur should meet to be able to exercise the job. 


This is the most superficial but no less important, because the technique of a tantric massage is as important as the spiritual part. The tantra master must know what the prelude to a tantric massage is, which in many cases begins with meditation and muscle relaxation, before moving on to the session itself. In addition, they must be trained in tantra postures, such as the tantra hug, perfect for creating a connection between the therapist and the client.

The techniques are many, so the tantra masters choose one or the other depending on the circumstances and needs of the client, nevertheless always exhibiting their professionalism. In addition, they require knowledge of classical, therapeutic, Thai and relaxing massage, even decontracting, so that they are complete masseurs, versed in all branches of massage. Despite the fact that each masseur has his or her style and way of starting the massage, a professional technique and demonstrable experience practicing as a tantric masseuse and improving their knowledge is essential.


A tantra massage requires concentration, involvement and a lot of professionalism. Despite being an intimate and comforting encounter, the therapist cannot afford to behave as if it were a game. The discipline of the tantra master or tantra master is based on maintaining kindness and cordiality at all times, apart from adhering to the massage protocols chosen by the client.

No matter how tired you are, you must continue the massage, as well as obey certain precepts, such as not being intimate with the client on a personal level, since then the sense of the tantric encounter is destroyed.


A good tantric masseuse has to be, above all, an empathic person. This implies being patient, understanding and attentive with the client, so that he feels at home and can freely express his preferences.

You have to have the necessary empathy to understand what the client feels at all times, what they seek to obtain, and offer it in the best possible way. Also, knowing how to stop or brake when there is something that bothers the customer. In a tantric encounter it is very important that the therapist knows how to connect energetically with the client, so that someone who is not empathetic or selfish could not carry out the session properly.

Why is a good tantric masseuse important for a tantric massage session?

For a tantric massage, it is important that the tantric masseuse is a specialist. There are many places that make an erotic massage pass for a tantric one, where the therapists have neither professional nor psychological training to carry out this task.

That is why, at Massages Tantra Barcelona we care about the constant training and development of the therapists who collaborate with us, as well as the coaching or emotional teachings that also help make the session to be the best as possible.

Our therapists ensure that every detail is perfect during the session, as they understand to what extent it is important that the client feels good and comfortable for the tantric session.

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