Secrets of the Yoni massage that you can not ignore

Secrets of the Yoni massage that you can not ignore

Yoni massage, also known as “sacred point”, is a well-known ancient tantric technique aimed at the search for female pleasure in all its nuances and variants.

The word Yoni comes from Sanskrit and means “sacred space or sacred temple.” And it refers specifically to the vagina, that secluded place in which women keep the memory of all our experiences, both positive and traumatic, of any stage of our life. And it is these traumatic experiences that unconsciously surface in our present, the cause of most of our sexual frustrations.

With the Yoni massage technique you can release tensions accumulated over the years, heal wounds suffered in the past, recover those wonderful sensations of the body that you thought were lost and achieve unforgettable orgasms.

In short, it is a technique that leads us to enjoy a free and healthy sexual life in every way.

The clitoris: our best friend

In Tantra, the clitoris has as its main function that of awakening eroticism and the most intimate and pleasant sensations in a woman, as well as allowing the activation and channeling of kundalini energy.

In Hinduism, kundalini energy is depicted as a coiled serpent, sleeping at the muladhara chakra, also known as the root chakra. The moment this energy awakens, the consciousness of the world emerges and therefore the consciousness of being oneself.

The clitoris is revered in traditional oriental culture to the point that many tantric sex treatises refer to it as the “jewel in the crown.” It is an organ respected as the main channel that, stimulated with the tongue or fingers, allows vital energy to be transmitted throughout the body in order to initiate a feedback journey called the “tantric circle.” It is your pleasure center par excellence and the main channel of Divine energy.

Of course, each clitoris is unique in its characteristics of shape, size, temperature, color, texture… The more you know your own clitoris, the greater the sensations you will get from it. Therefore, you have to pamper and take care of it as much as you can, to discover that world of closed sensations that are waiting for you to discover them.

What benefits does the Yoni massage bring to your life?

The sacred Yoni technique brings countless benefits to your body and therefore to your life. We are going to list the most important benefits below:

1. Awaken that sensitivity in your genitals that you thought was asleep.

2. Increase your personal creativity.

3. It gradually frees you from deeply ingrained sexual trauma. 

4. Relieves pain in the pelvis.

5. Help attract positive energies into your life.

6. It allows you to know your own body better.

7. Increase your vital energy and your healthier emotions.

8. Increase your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

9. Improve relationships with your partner in all areas.

10. You will discover erogenous zones that you did not know existed in your body.

What is the Yoni massage?

To achieve spiritual healing from the most intimate and deep, the practice of Yoni massage has to be done with the utmost respect, love and in the midst of a heightened state of consciousness.

The atmosphere must be relaxed, decorated with scented candles and soft music. The woman must be completely naked in body and soul to receive a sacred Yoni massage.

The objective of this massage, like that of all tantric massages, is not to reach orgasm, however, it is very easy for orgasm to occur with great ease.

Although the undisputed protagonist of the massage is the clitoris, one must be careful not to over stimulate it and to use appropriate lubricants to avoid discomfort in that sensitive erogenous zone. In addition, it is essential that whoever provides the massage is focused on the points where his hands are. A slow and deep breathing will allow a state of connection that will be key in the benefits of the massage.

It is very important to note that in a tantric massage there is no sexual act. The erotic nuances of Yoni massage are intended to channel sexual energy to achieve union with God. The tantric masseur must be present from a point of emptiness, in which his hands function as a Divine channel that acts from the most sacred that is inside each person.

The Yoni massage is a shared adventure, where each touch and each caress is new and there is no single path to ecstasy. Our suggestion is that you shed any expectations and let yourself be carried away into that world of irrepressible pleasure.

And you, have you ever received a Yoni massage? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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