Why to enjoy a tantric massage during the Mobile World Congress?

Why to enjoy a tantric massage during the Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2020

1. What is the Mobile World Congress?

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the most important fairs worldwide in which representatives of the most famous technology brands meet for the presentation of advances in wireless communications: smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, mobiles…

This congress brings together executives, CEOs, journalists and representatives of various technology brands from around the world in Barcelona. In addition, famous figures from the technological and economic world tend to attend, such as Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) or Kin Yong Kin (director of the world bank).

It is also an ideal opportunity for representatives of the most advanced technology sectors to present innovations in the field of robotics, drones, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, types of Software and Hardware.

The Mobile World Congress generates a collapse of hotel reservations in Barcelona given the high volume of people traveling to Barcelona to attend the event, either as a representative or as a technology-loving public.

1.1. Where and on what dates is the Mobile World Congress 2020 held?

The Mobile World Congress 2020 is the 15th edition of the “Mobile World Congress of Barcelona” to be held in the city of Barcelona, ​​specifically in the Fira Gran Via and the Fira Montjuic.

This year, the dates included for the celebration of the international congress are from February 24 to 27, 2020; However, attendees begin their transfer to Barcelona approximately two weeks before to have accommodation and buy the tickets on time before their exhaustion.

2. Why is an erotic massage important during the celebration of the congress?

During the four days of the Mobile World Congress and if you have planned to stay longer, as a visitor to Barcelona and congress assistant you will have enough time to enjoy the wonders of Barcelona, ​​which includes the world of tantric and erotic massages .

Imagine after a congress meeting, resting in your hotel room and too tired to go out to look for leisure outside, in the city. This is the ideal time for us, with just a call or a WhatsApp message, to organize for you an erotic massage session in your Hotel. Or, in case you want to explore the pleasures of the city outside your suite, you can visit our luxurious center of erotic massages, where we will guarantee a warm and professional reception and a tantric massage service that will far exceed your expectations. In addition, the rates we offer differ positively from other centers by properly matching the price with the services received. Relax and enjoy the pleasures and benefits of tantric massage.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Innovate in the field of sensuality, which in turn will allow you to reconnect with your own sexuality and experience new sensations.
  • Obtain the necessary relaxation and satisfaction to attend with maximum attention the long hours of meetings in the congress.
  • All symptomatic effects that come from tantric massage: improved mood, spiritual renewal, automatic elimination of stress, reconnection of spirit-sexuality ties.

2.1. The Tantra Massage at Hotel as an ideal option during the Mobile World Congress

Massages Tantra Barcelona specializes in offering its public a list of very complete tantric massages and a cast of professional erotic masseurs, warm and physically impeccable. The way of working is both ‘incall’ and ‘outcall’. These terms indicate that the center has both its own space for the attention of its clientele (incall), as well as the possibility of hotel services (outcall).

The tantric massage services at the Hotel are ideal during the Mobile World Congress times for several reasons: you can enjoy all the advantages and benefits of erotic massage from the comfort of your suite, without having to travel and spend time on unnecessary journeys. Thanks to the modest prices offered by Tantra Barcelona Massages, hiring the Hotel massage service is an option that will be fully paid to you. It is a professional service that will include not only the presence and professionalism of the masseuse, but also of all the elements both decorative and necessary to carry out the massage: oil, cream, incense. candles, music…

Take advantage of your stay in Barcelona to get the most juice from this new world to explore that you have at your hands.

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