What is Balinese massage in a Balinese pool and what are its benefits

What is Balinese massage in a Balinese pool and what are its benefits

Benefit from the Balinese Massage in Pileta

What is a Balinese pool?

Surely you have heard the term balinese pool; Long, exotic pools, generally located in Bali, Indonesia. They are characterized by containing crystalline water, with a greenish-bluish tone, which give it that exotic touch, surrounded by tropical vegetation and a pleasant climate.

They are spaces dedicated to the comfort and well-being of your senses and your mind. Immersing yourself in a Balinese pool, in an environment where calm and tranquility reigns, is one of the most ideal ways to balance your energy, free yourself from stress and feel the essence of Bali in its fullness.

The Balinese pools can be exterior, in the case that you stay in a hotel, or interior, in the case that you attend a massage center or a luxury Spa that provide this service generally so demanded for being the ideal way to have a moment of peace, alone or with others.

They are usually the favorite decision of couples for a romantic and aphrodisiac experience at the same time, that awakens new sensations and reinforces intimacy.

What does the Balinese massage consist of?

Balinese massage, on the other hand, as its name suggests, comes from the distant island of Bali. It is a massage that combines several different kneading and acupressure techniques (finger pressure), including the intervention of the hands, elbows, knees or feet.

The main advantage of this massage is the immediate effect it causes both on the body and on the mind. The ancient Balinese wisdom, applied in its famous massages, helps both the body and the mind to reach a state of harmony. After a Balinese massage session, you will feel the consequences of its therapeutic and relaxing effect, on your muscles and on your general mental well-being.

Another of its great advantages is its effect on health and beauty. Because an intense Balinese massage lowers overall tension, the effects of aging are also delayed.

Why combine both options in one?

For those who like to experiment, some classic massage centers or erotic or tantric massage centers that integrate the Balinese pool in their facilities, offer tantra massage services combined with Balinese massage techniques in a Balinese pool.

An erotic massage in a Balinese pool, where you also receive the benefits not only of tantra, but also of Balinese massage techniques, is the ideal way to mix the advantages of both branches of massage in one and enjoy a memorable, erotic experience. and relaxing at the same time.

In addition, to season everything in the best way and maximize the multiple benefits of this treatment, certain tantra massage centers specialized in this service include essential oils, aromatherapy and Zen music that will allow you to live a unique experience in the arms of a professional erotic masseuse and with the optimal environment.

Many of the clients who have tried this service affirm that it is an exclusive pump for the senses, after coming out refreshed and in a better mood from this treatment.

Try a massage in a Balinese pool at Tantra Massage Barcelona

The Tantra Massage Barcelona center stands out for offering a wide variety of services, from therapeutic massages such as tantra massages, as well as optimal conditions to develop the requested treatments with maximum comfort for the client.

In addition, we have an extensive menu with the option of including the Balinese pool and the Balinese massage as an extra to the requested service. You will be able to choose the massage that best suits your needs among the multiple options that we offer and request, in addition, that it be carried out in the large Balinese pool that the center has.

At the Tantra Massage Barcelona center the Balinese pool is located in the luxurious Balinese room, decorated entirely in Balinese style, lit by candlelight and relaxing instrumental music in the background, so that your senses feel teleported to an oriental world of exoticism and relaxation.

The therapists who carry out this service are experts, trained in therapeutic massage and chiropractic massage techniques, as well as in the philosophy of tantra and tantric massages.

That is why Tantra Massage Barcelona has all the necessary conditions so that your massage session combines the professionalism of true Balinese massage with the eroticism of tantra massage.

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