Why to give an erotic massage to your partner for Sant Jordi’s day?

Why to give an erotic massage to your partner for Sant Jordi’s day?

Why to give an erotic massage to your partner?

An erotic massage is a sensual and sensitive experience that connects with all your senses and makes you live a moment of pleasure, relaxation and well-being, so, if you want your partner to live a moment full of pleasant sensations and relaxation, from Tantra Massage Barcelona recommend that, for this Saint George’s day, you decide to opt for an innovative and daring gift: an erotic massage as a gift.

Giving a tantric massage for Sant Jordi’s day is a way to pamper your partner, worry about their emotional, sexual well-being and the harmony of their senses and make them see that you love them unconditionally. In addition, to demonstrate the absolute trust that you have as a couple and that is the main basis for a relationship. An erotic massage for Sant Jordi’s day is a modern way, without taboos, and fun to show how much you care about your partner. 

Whether your partner is a man or a woman, you can come to Tantra Massage Barcelona to get the gift voucher, with which your partner can come to our center whenever he wants and receive his erotic-tantric massage session. We recommend that you contact us in advance so that you can choose the masseuse of your choice and the massage that best suits your needs, which we have on our website.

What does Sant Jordi consist of?

Sant Jordi’s day is about that special occasion of the year, in which the couples show their affection and love for each other. The celebration of love and romanticism is generally done through two symbolic gifts of that day: the rose and the book. The man gives a rose, generally red, to his beloved, while the woman gives him a book.

The origin of this tradition comes from a classic legend, which originated in the Middle Ages, in which the prince, to save his beloved from the clutches of a fierce dragon, killed him and shed his blood on the earth. From this blood, a beautiful red rose emerged, which the knight gave his beloved as a symbol of his love for her. For this reason, it is Valentine’s Day in Catalonia, in which couples recover their romanticism and decide to show their affection for each other.

In general, the day of the celebration is April 23, in which the streets of Catalonia are filled with little shops where roses of all colors and sizes are sold and bookstores are overflowing with women looking for the appropriate book for their partners . However, many other couples decide to show their love for each other with different and equally legal methods: some rent a hotel suite for that day, others go to the SPA together, others book a restaurant …

There are many ways to strengthen the relationship bond and create a relaxing environment where you can express each other.

Erotic massage in Sant Jordi, together or separately?

In our center we offer the two classic options of obtaining the erotic massage for couples on Saint George’s day: together in the same suite, attended by the same massage therapist, or in separate suites.

Below, we describe the benefits of both options, so that you take them into account when choosing the option that best suits your wishes:

In the case of being in the same suite, you will have:

  • A shared and dynamic experience of sexual and erotic pleasure, where you can enjoy the complicity that the moment generates and caresses, friction and kisses, each other. Meanwhile, the erotic masseuse or the professional erotic masseuse, whether you choose one or two, will massage as professionally as possible, interact with you and offer you the necessary incentive to make your intimate moment innovative and fun. .
  • Constant relaxation: Being together, the nerves will decrease, the desire will increase and you can express your sexual inclinations to each other as they arise.
  • The possibility of enjoying the suite, alone, after the erotic massage. You can enjoy your privacy approximately 25 minutes after the chosen hour or hour and a half of massage, accompanied by chocolates, cava, relaxing music and a dreamy, warm and comforting environment to make you feel totally at ease in the arms of the other.

In the case of deciding to be in separate rooms, you will have:

  • Intimacy and privacy: in the event that you prefer to express yourself more freely and outside of repressions, this is the appropriate option. You will be able to enjoy each one of their particular moment with their chosen masseuse, without feeling the pressure of the couple next to them, for those who are more modest in this aspect.
  • After the massage, the couple can come together in the same suite to be able to continue this wonderful experience alone, in privacy. We offer approximately 25 minutes so that you can enjoy each other, after your respective massage sessions separately.

How does an erotic massage increase intimacy as a couple?

Instead of what popular belief may suppose, that eroticism and sexuality have to be locked in the core of the couple and not shared, more and more couples are deciding to experiment together, open up to new forms of pleasure, share their sexuality.

This new approach allows couples to feel a new trust between themselves, beyond the sexual. The fact of experiencing sexually, together, in the company of a third party who is the erotic masseuse or erotic masseurs, increases complicity, understanding, libido and renews sexual desire in the couple, who may have fallen asleep for a long time.

It is a healthy, liberal and prejudice-free approach, in which the couple wants satisfaction from each other, given the great love and understanding that exists between them.

Another important and often overlooked benefit: thanks to tantric massage, you can learn what makes your partner tremble in intimacy, what points are the most erogenous, what techniques awaken the sensuality of your partner, what friction accelerate their breathing…

This will later help you in your privacy, implementing the techniques of our masseurs, to make them vibrate and pamper them as much as possible and keep the flame of passion alive.

What amenities does Tantra Massage Barcelona offer that other centers do not offer?

You may wonder: why go to Tantra Massage Barcelona and not other centers? We explain: in our erotic massage center we offer the best comforts, both in terms of the place and the service offered.

In our center, we have six different suites, bright and spacious, with wide raised tatami mats that will be absolutely comfortable so that both of you can stretch out in them and have enough space for each one. You will have a place to move, turn, without bumping into each other, as well as for masseurs to offer you a comfortable professional massage thanks to the large space, which is usually the biggest inconvenience that usually occurs in the case of couples massages .

In addition, the option of enjoying special furniture that cannot be found anywhere, such as the tantra divan, the Jacuzzi or the Balinese pool, with your partner.

The Tantra Massage Barcelona staff will decorate the suite according to the Saint George’s theme: red roses will abound, both in vases and in the form of petals spread on the tatami, floating in the pool water, filling the room with the clear and incandescent aroma of rose. Heart balloons, boxes of chocolates and glasses of champagne, are other attributes that will not be missing in your session.

Everything, to make it as romantic as possible. In our center, we assure you that the dose of love and eroticism will not be lacking.

Try the options that Tantra Massage Barcelona offers you

Do you want an erotic masseuse for both, to bet on intimacy? Or two, to get a more complete, synchronous and gapless massage? In a room together or in separate rooms? Female erotic masseuse, male erotic masseuse, bisexual erotic masseuse, or gay erotic masseur? Do you prefer to include a transsexual erotic masseuse in your session to increase the morbid moment? All of this is possible.

At our center, we aim to cover all tastes and all audiences. We adapt to your tastes and preferences, thanks to the wide range of options we offer, both for tantric masseurs and erotic massages, ranging from the simplest where you can barely touch the masseuse, to the most complete. In addition, friendly and warm prior attention from our receptionists who will help and guide you in your choices.

Contact us to inform you of the options you have.

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