The benefits of erotic massage after the COVID19 pandemic

The benefits of erotic massage after the COVID19 pandemic

Why to receive an erotic massage after the pandemic?

Currently, we are experiencing a time of crisis where millions of people are forced to house arrest. Therefore, many pleasures that once filled their lives have been limited, or simply completely forgotten.

Many people live thinking about what they will do tomorrow when the quarantine ends. There are many options, but what better than indulging in a whim, an erotic or tantric massage that relieves the accumulation of stress?

A tantric massage after the coronavirus is an ideal and recommended way to get back in touch with forgotten pleasures and, at the same time, treat yourself in compensation for the hard days that have been lived. A wonderful erotic massage that takes you to another world, where only pleasure and comfort predominate.

After all, the mixture of a professional massage together with the erotic component that accompanies it makes it the best escape leak for tension.

If you do not know this technique, it is the ideal time to value expanding your knowledge and trying new experiences, we are in a moment of attention to open our minds, leave prejudices, taboos and suspicions aside to be able to live life more and find ourselves with ourselves, knowing our body and our mind better. Dare to try it to be able to comment on what you know, from the coherence of the experience!

How did the coronavirus affect erotic massage centers?

Many centers had to close the day the quarantine was announced, on March 15, 2020. Among many other businesses dedicated to leisure, the erotic massage and tantric massage centers had to close to prevent the spread of the virus, despite the high demand from clients who requested their services.

Tantric massage centers ceased both the services performed in the center itself and departures to hotels or homes, which are also commonly offered by these businesses.

The same happened with our Tantra Massage Barcelona center, where we stopped offering services. However, the preparations for our reopening did not stop and we have taken advantage of this period of time to improve our services, the website and the comfort of our facilities for our future clients.

Benefits of receiving an erotic massage after the COVID19 crisis

Some of the multiple benefits of an erotic massage after the pandemic are:

  • Relieve stress: clearly, the times of seclusion and quarantine have been hard, for many stressors, full of uncertainty and fear, therefore, there is nothing better than a good erotic massage to relax tensions and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere of peace and harmony.
  • Remembering the pleasures: many people have been forced to follow a monotonous routine where the days were repeated one after another without significant differences. This is an ideal option to remember everything you did before the pandemic and regain hope for life.
  • Reconnect with your own sexuality: Another problem in quarantine is that fear, stress and tension may have made you feel disconnected from your own sexuality and lower your libido… So an erotic massage can turn on again the flame of passion, eroticism and sexuality in you and make you enjoy these kinds of encounters again.

Precautions to consider

Despite the fact that the activity of the erotic massage centers is restarted, it must be taken into account that given the global alarm situation, both the reception by the managers and the massages will proceed with security measures. mandatory to avoid infections.

Preventive measures at the Tantra Massage Barcelona center

At the Tantra Massage Barcelona center we respect state obligations to maintain precaution and establish preventive measures after quarantine. These are as follows:

  • Use of disinfectant gel: clients will have to wash their hands with disinfectant gel when entering the center, to avoid bringing infections from the street, as well as showering with special attention before the masseuse gives them the massage.
  • Use of shoes in the center: the client at his entrance will be asked to put his shoes in a disposable bag and take it with him to the room.
  • Use of mask and gloves: mandatory for receptionists, it is optional for masseuses to also wear a mask, despite the fact that it is difficult to use gloves to massage due to the lack of sensitivity. However, we make the possibility of requesting it available to the client, if they so desire and feel more secure. In the case of the client, we recommend the use of both to prevent.We await the prevention measures that the government will announce after the quarantine for the operation of businesses. Such measures are subject to change in the event that they contradict the measures imposed by the state.
  • Distance of 1 meter: the receptionists at the time of attending you will maintain the distance of 1 meter.
  • Prohibition on the entry of people with symptoms of cough or fever: to ensure maximum security, the center reserves the right to prohibit entry to anyone with symptoms of cough or fever.
  • Constant analysis of the state of health of the masseuses: erotic masseuses will be forced to undergo medical check-ups every month and at any sign of illness, they will be prohibited from collaborating with the massage center until their recovery.
  • Disinfectant cleaning of the center: despite the fact that disposable material has always been used in massages, such as disposable covers or slippers, deep disinfectant cleaning will be mandatory after each service offered, so that the next client can feel safe in our facilities.
  • Digital thermometer: it will be used with both clients and center staff. When the customer enters, they will be asked to measure their temperature to minimize the chances of infection.
  • Ozone machine for periodic disinfection: The center will have an ozone equipment for disinfection of the center air. The machine removes 99.5% of bacteria, viruses and fungi from the air, and chemical contaminants from the residual water.

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