What are the multiple benefits of tantric massage for couples

What are the multiple benefits of tantric massage for couples

Tantric massages for couples

You will have heard about the different benefits that tantric massage has on an individual level and about the improvements in the emotional, mental and spiritual sphere for those who experience it. However, the benefits of tantric massage transcend the individual sphere and are also regularly recommended for couples.

Despite how unfamiliar or strange it may sound to you, a tantric massage for couples is an efficient way to reconnect with your partner, get rid of the negative emotional charges that you have accumulated during the relationship and consequently improve the relationship.

One of the main reasons is that a tantric massage is a massage intended to connect with the spiritual being of the other, even if you carry it out among yourselves, without the help of a tantra therapist to guide you in the process. However, we recommend the collaboration of the tantric masseuse or the tantric masseur for the session to be really effective.

Since tantric massage rebalances the body, mind and spirit, the rubbing of the massage becomes a transcendent experience that directly affects the energies of the members of the couple.

How is a couples massage carried out?

You will wonder how erotic massage for couples are carried out and what types of erotic massage exist for couples. We tell you in broad strokes the steps of this healing ritual:

  • The couple can be cared for in the same suite, in an atmosphere of relaxation, peace, candles and romance and with background music. The dim light in the room, mainly lit by candles, means that adequate lighting also contributes to comfort.
  • The erotic massage will be carried out on a wide and comfortable tatami, where you will stretch after a previous shower.
  • In the massage you will be naked, accompanied by a tantric masseuse or a tantric masseur, or by both. Nudity will allow you to feel vulnerable to each other and to the intermediary or energy channel, which is the massage therapist, which will strengthen your relationship.
  • During the massage, you can interact with each other: rubs, touches, kisses, caresses, guided by the erotic masseuse or the erotic masseur, who will indicate the most erogenous points of the other and will motivate you to bring out sensuality and the hidden eroticism.
  • Depending on the massage you have chosen, you can also interact with the sex therapist, so that you allow your sensuality and desire to flow freely through the channels of pleasure. However, if you prefer not to, it is also acceptable.

Benefits for the couple

The benefits of a tantric massage for couples are many and very varied, below we will describe the main ones, so that you are encouraged to try an experience that can reconstruct what you thought no longer existed and give a new direction to your sentimental situation.

Increased erotic desire

You will have heard the expression “light the flame of passion” in the couple. Generally, it is used to describe the situation of many couples, who after a certain time feel monotony in their sexual relationships, which become unsatisfactory and boring.

Many times, due to stress, work, responsibilities, emotional burdens or grudges, sexual activity is forgotten and relegated to the background. However, sexual connection and spiritual connection go hand in hand: so forgetting the first is also forgetting the second.

A tantra massage guided by an expert will help you rekindle the desire in the couple, through a new, innovative and totally surprising experience. It will help you to get rid of all those negative emotions that keep you away from each other and to experience again the passion that united you at the beginning.

Improved complicity and connection

There are many couples who experience sexuality from intercourse and from direct stimulation of the organs, rather than from the sacred sexuality that Tantra proclaims.

What a tantric massage does is precisely to promote the reconnection of the couple, uniting the spiritual being with the sexual being, so that the interest in rediscovering the body of the couple and its most erogenous zones sprouts again. For the first time, you will discover what really makes your partner vibrate, through careful listening to their body’s desires and the guidance of the tantric masseuse.

Both of you will feel free to express internal eroticism, connect with your sexual being and share it with your partner, to create a more healthy, liberating and permanent sexual activity over time.

Tantra will help you understand sexuality from another perspective, which will improve your levels of complicity, connection and trust.

Breaking the routine

Perhaps the problem you have is that you do not know what else to do to make your sexual activity fun and different and you think that introducing a third member to the couple’s sexual activity is the ideal way to experience new erotic practices, allow yourself to enjoy another body and live sexuality freely with your partner.

For these types of cases, tantra massage is also the best option. Tantra will help you open to new horizons of pleasure, explore new stimulation techniques, new massage techniques and enjoy the erotic and sensual presence of a third participant, who will add a spicy tone to the meeting. As tantric masseuses are also erotic masseuses, you will live an experience full of sensuality, pleasure and excitement.

Overcome prejudice and complexes

Sometimes, the unfounded prejudices about sexuality by society, our deep-seated beliefs or the complexes with our own body can limit the erotic and sexual pleasure of our sexual encounters with the partner.

All this can lead to repressing your own sexuality and not allowing it to flow freely, so that, over time, sex in the couple will not be as satisfactory, perhaps only for one of the parties or perhaps for both parties involved.

Tantric massage allows your sexual being to become empowered, your consciousness to free itself from complexes and unfounded fears and that your eroticism can finally come to light, since Tantra is based on the fact that pleasure is sacred and pure and that there is nothing wrong in living it at its fullest, since it is healthy for the harmony of your being.

It is a sexual therapy that acts on a psychological and spiritual level so that you understand sex from a new, liberating and healing perspective.

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