Why to choose a tantric massage for women?

Why to choose a tantric massage for women?

1. What does tantric massage for women consist of?

Many times, because of internal blockages, negative thoughts, personal complexes, and limiting cultural burdens, sexual enjoyment is limited or directly blocked.

Hence, psychological illnesses or physiological dysfunctions, because all these thoughts, feelings and guilt cause the root chakra, located in the navel and pubis, the energy point from which sexual energy arises, to be blocked. This can lead to sexual dysfunctions such as frigidity, also called female sexual dysfunction, or the inability to experience orgasm.

You may have heard that the best therapy is a tantric massage to solve these ailments, but why to choose a​ tantric massage for women​?

Erotic massage for women in Barcelona is a massage specialized in promoting and enhancing female sexual energy. It helps to heal sexuality, teaches you to connect with your inner sexual divinity and free yourself from prejudice and blockages to enjoy your sexual encounters more freely and fully. So it serves as a great therapy for female anorgasmia or other disorders related to female sexuality.

Thanks to acting directly on the root chakra and unlocking it, you will feel much more pleasure in your sexual encounters, without the limitations of consciousness. Apart from being a relaxing massage that helps you to free yourself from bodily tension, you will easily feel that thanks to the intervention of the tantric masseuse you will be able to live the sexual moment in its fullest sense.

2. Who are the tantric therapists who carry it out?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to be attended by a male tantric masseuse, among which are heterosexual tantric masseurs, gay tantric masseurs, bisexual tantric masseurs or a heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian tantric masseuse.

At Tantra Massages Barcelona we have a heterogeneous variety of masseurs and tantra therapists who can guide you along the paths of pleasure and finding your female sexual power.

Regardless of the gender or the personal sexual orientation of the therapist, we assure you a professional experience, where what will prevail will be your comfort, your pleasure and your encounter with yourself.

However, we recommend that you ask the reception which are the masseurs specialized in female massage and in the Yoni, as some have more specialized training that makes them suitable for this type of service, so that you experience the best session of your life, adapted to your needs.

3. What is Yoni massage?

The ​Yoni ​or ​Ioni ​in Sanskrit indicates the vagina or the uterus, it is the veneration of the sacred source of life, which is the female sexual organ.

A Yoni massage is a massage in the female sexual zone done with softness, delicacy and professionalism. It is about seeking and stimulating all the sexual pleasure points, all the erogenous zones of the female genitalia, to achieve a much more pleasant climax than a common orgasm.

Thanks to the use of lubricant, the sex therapist will first massage the mount of venus, the upper lips in sliding movements from top to bottom, until reaching the clitoris​, on which he will exert light pressure to stimulate it in circular movements.

The timing of finger penetration will be delayed until the client is brought to a state of very high arousal. The tantric masseur will quickly find the female G-spot and also devote his attention to it, synchronously to stimulating the clitoris.

Thanks to the Zen atmosphere and the kindness of the masseur, you will sink into an immediate state of relaxation and connection with your sex therapist and you will reach an intense orgasm in a matter of minutes.

3.1. Yoni massage benefits

The benefits of yoni massage are several and we will go on to list them below:

● Positive energy​: the tantric massage finished in yoni massage is perfect to reduce day-to-day stress and fill you with positive energy. As in yoga or meditation, tantra massage focuses on disconnecting from your personal problems and reaching a state of relaxation from sexual energy. In addition, relaxing massage techniques will also help you feel well-being in your body, not just in your mind.

● Reduction of menstrual pain​: a good Yoni massage massages the pelvic floor from the inside and can help reduce the tension accumulated in that area and free you from possible pain during menstrual cycles. Thanks to a

yoni massage, which also contemplates the belly area in the massage, you will see reduced menstrual spasms and common uterine stresses during menstruation.

● New and unknown erogenous zones: if you are one of those people who have never explored themselves and have some reluctance to do so, we encourage you to put yourself in the hands of our therapists, since they will not only offer you a session full of relaxation, pleasure and orgasms, They will also help you to know what you like, so that you can implement it in your personal life and better guide your sexual partners when it comes to providing pleasure.

● Connect with your feminine energy: During a sensual, erotic or sexual act, the woman usually looks for the source of her feminine sexual energy and connects it with the masculine sexual energy of her partner, to obtain a fruitful and rewarding spiritual connection. However, many times one does not know how to do it; Thanks to a ​tantra massage with a Yoni ending ​you will learn to carry out this procedure of connection with yourself and with your sexual energy, regardless of the environment, the couple or other external factors.

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