What is a Lingam massage for men?

What is a Lingam massage for men?

1. Origins of the term Lingam and its relationship with Tantra

What is a Lingam massage for men? You will have heard many times in reference to tantric and erotic massages for the male genitalia the terms Lingam massage or simply ​Lingam​; However, it will not have been clear to you what it refers to and what is the origin of this denomination.

Lingam is a Sanskrit term that in its most etymological sense refers to the phallus, specifically, the male sexual energy. In ​Tantra ​the penis has a sense not only of a physical sexual organ but of channeling that energy.

The Tantric Hindu philosophy therefore gives it a tone of veneration, since it considers sexual energies sacred, both feminine and masculine.

2. How is Lingam massage different from ordinary masturbation or a “happy ending”?

Equalization between ​Lingam massage or happy ending massage in Barcelona is common in popular thought; however, it cannot be further from reality. There are many

differences between a Lingam massage and a masturbation, the first of which is the difference in the goals they pursue.

If in the case of masturbation the main and last objective is to generate pleasant sensations and direct the client towards a rapid orgasm, in the case of a Lingam Massage the main objective is to allow sexual energy to flow and channel from the male genitalia, where the root chakra is located, towards the rest of the body, restoring the harmony between body and spirit.

To achieve this end, the professional ​Lingam massage does not come into contact with the penis until the client is immersed in a state of relaxation, disconnection and excitement, so that the sexual energy is flowing freely through his body to his extremities.

In turn, unlike a classic masturbation, the tantra therapist may not be completely naked, as it happens in a “happy ending” massage, and will guide the client to focus on her friction, massage and touch, on her goal of accentuate the sensitivity of his body, sharpen the perception of his senses and immerse him in a state of high perceptionality, so that each touch translates into a sensation of indescribable and sublime pleasure.

In this way, what the ​Tantric Lingam massage is promoting is the reception of pleasure without expectations; the ability to enter a state of meditation, self-knowledge and deep relaxation through the pleasure that the erogenous zones of the male body provide.

3. How is Lingam massage practiced and what new sensations does it produce?

The ​Lingam massage ​is practiced with the client stretched, it can be face up or face down, although it is recommended that he lies on his back with a pillow under the lower back to raise his hips. Special massage oil or lubricant is used for massage.

The tantric masseuse will then proceed to provide massage to the major erogenous zones of the male anatomy.

Some of these erogenous and pleasure-sensitive zones are the testicles and scrotum, which she will start by gently massaging to activate the client’s pleasure stimuli and make him enter a state of excitement; the pubic bone or pelvis, an area that will also be massaged, along with the peripheral and surrounding skin of the penis; finally, she will reach the perineum (area between the testicules and the anus), a point of high sensitivity, although few have experienced massage at this point and may be surprised at the new sensations they experience.

As soon as the tantric masseuse starts to directly stimulate the penis, the client will enjoy a series of special masturbation techniques, which include the masseuse’s two hands.

Sometimes, with one of them she will stimulate the testicles while the other is in charge of massaging the penis; Or, with both hands, she will cover the length of the penis, so that the entire organ is covered and stimulated, producing very intense sensations of pleasure, since the entire penis, root and glans included will be bombarded by synchronous waves of pleasure. Depending on the client and the moment, the sex therapist will use one technique or another, keeping an eye on the client’s breathing and his level of arousal, to know what is the best technique to keep him in a vigil of high sexual excitement.

At this point, the tantric masseuse will dedicate herself to taking the client to the limit of pleasure but without allowing her to obtain the desired and desired orgasm; so that the accumulated tension and excitement will end up coming out in a much more intense and wonderful ejaculation, thanks to the delayed effect. It will be a unique, intense, long-lasting and deeply relaxing orgasm, which will extend from the genitals to the rest of the body.

4. Lingam massage benefits

Lingam massage has multiple benefits, from psycho-emotional, physiological, to healing, which are worth experiencing. Here is a brief list of the main ​effects of a Lingam massage in combination with Tantra techniques​:

● Relaxing effect and restoration of bodily and mental harmony: after a Lingam massage, the sensation of relaxation and bodily, mental and spiritual harmony will be gratifying sensations that will allow you to continue with your life with less burdens, more relaxed and with better energy. An absolutely recommended experience for those who find it difficult to focus on sex because of stress or tension; In a Lingam massage these negative charges will be quickly dissipated and forgotten thanks to the respiratory techniques that the tantric masseuse will make you practice and the tantric massage techniques.

● Healing effect of sexual problems: either the case that due to nervousness you fail to get an erection or you suffer from a regular condition of erectile dysfunction, it is impossible for you to ejaculate or it takes too long to

concentrate on pleasure, or you suffer premature ejaculation, Lingam massage and Tantra will help you shed all emotional internal blocks that in turn cause a blockage of sexual and spiritual energy. Depending on your condition, the tantric therapist will stimulate you in one way or another to guide you on the path of sexual healing.

● Sexual energy enhancing effect: thanks to a Lingam massage you can learn to connect with your sexual energy and live much more pleasant erotic and sensual experiences, since you become a source of primary male sexual energy and allow it to flow directly to your sexual partner, establishing a synthesis of energies. This is a very important point since in case you are disconnected from this energy, sexual encounters can be generally unsatisfactory and you end up feeling frustrated with your sex life.

As we indicated at the beginning, the benefits are many and very varied. Trying a Lingam massage will allow you to discover a new sensual, erotic and spiritual experience, totally recommended.

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